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Indian Friends Group III

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    Shakira .:^_^: :p:
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    :eek: Where am I lost?

    Good going guys Keep it up for the new thread.

    I'm not able to spend much time here but well done to Sugar and all our new members from IFG2.
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    (Original post by FiatDriver)
    hahaha... *FiatDriver celebrates* him/herself I'm quite confused with your profile. lol ! :confused:
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    its vestaaaaaaaaaaa
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    (Original post by LawYah)
    its vestaaaaaaaaaaa
    Is it? FiatDriver is Vestaaaa? :eek: How did you come to know LaWyaH?
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    (Original post by FiatDriver)
    He tried to sex me :sad:
    :eek: Can't believe. Lawyah is still very innocent to sex anyone :p:
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    Omg ! Vesta accepts that FiatDriver=Vesta=FiatDriver. We caught the thief into the trap. Congrats ! Sukh. You are the best secret informer of IFG
    Choori chooriiii... chupkee, chupkee.... woo I luv this song .lol !
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    (Original post by FiatDriver)
    he's no sherlock, i told him it was me to begin with :p:
    :rofl: He's :lawyah: That's the beauty. lol !
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    Thanks Sukku for the Reppie. Houppieee :hugs:

    :lawyah: RULES.
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    Lol, Nesh, its your responsibility again
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    (Original post by Yosh)
    Congrats on the new thread guys!!!

    Sugarrrrrr =[
    (Original post by Shrayans)
    Lol, Nesh, its your responsibility again
    I know
    RAFA!!! You didn't have to!!!! lol
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    You know you want it! :hubba:
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    How many pages did IFG II reach in it's first night? 16/17?
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    Its because its filled with rapists and kella eaters.
    We need some more concrete people in here

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    You are some sick people.
    The scary thing is, you are women.
    The same thinking man, would be just evil.

    Oh wait, we have Sukh.
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    Thanks for the rep guys :hugs:
    And a special thanks to Chand, we're going to have a great time next year (that's what friends are for :love:)
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    You said that on purpose right, just to make me give some kind of comment.... LOL

    Where is everybody today??


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