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Jolly useful Geography websites

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    (Original post by lucaswintercrane101)
    Hello, i am currently doing my cwk and just wondered if anybody had any good website's to do with tuberculosis and impacts on the economy/society. thanks lucas
    probably too late; but this one's a perfect fit for TB.

    www.worldmapper.org. look for the map with tubercolosis. Should be under the diseases category.

    It is a BRILLIANT map site; all the countries are shown as proportional to the variable, eg. for infant mortality malawi is very large and Japan is very small. Has masses of categories.
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    Human Development is very important for our life, while I'm searching for related articles i found this website which has a lot of articles which helped me in my own life.
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    This looks like a good website, anyone else use this?
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    (Original post by Joe-91)
    This looks like a good website, anyone else use this?
    It's a bit basic but it's no worse than some of the revision guides I've seen. The interactive games are quite good for revising but I wouldn't use it for notes.
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    It's probably better than my textbook. What's the best website out there for notes then?
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    www.nationmaster.com is good for stats and stuff about countries

    there is another really good one, but the name escape me right now...

    its www.worldmapper.org
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    This as some good animations of certain processes

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    countries and continents quizzes! so much (geeky) fun
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    great site for comparing census data from across the country:

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    The British Geological Survey (BGS) & United States Geological Survey (USGS) websites are also very informative.
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    Geography Talk is a good discussion board.
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    http://www.geography-map-games.com/ is quite good
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    Mineralogy Database
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    Does anyone know any sites helpful to people preparing investigations? Thanks


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