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So, what if you don't get your grades and can't go to your Uni?

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    What would you do? Go through clearing to find another degree? Take a Gap year? Go back to college? Have you thought of a back-up plan? If yes, care to share?
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    I would thank God and welcome the excuse not to go to university.

    I'd probably go back to The Angels and try and get a paid job there. Eventually applying to become a holiday rep (for someone like Thomas Cook not Club 18-30 lol) and have a happy few years out in the sun.

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    I am quite terrified as I havn't a clue! I always advise people I know to have a back up plan yet hypocritically don't have my own !
    Problem is I want to do a law degree...it's so competitive that unless you go to an AAA/AAB Uni course you'll find it incredibly hard to get a job in a good firm. Hence I have no insurance choice.
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    What a horrible thought...
    I would probably go back to college, do retakes (hopefully in January), reapply and then still have a bit of a gap year in the remaining time
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    I really don't know what I'd do about this. If I miss Durham but make Warwick I don't know whether to reapply for Durham for next year and resit exams or just go to Warwick. Durham's my dream uni, but I couldn't imagine sitting through another year of college.
    Good luck with your exams guys, hope none of us have to resort to our backup plans.
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    I don't even want to think about it really. If I miss Warwick, then I'd probably go to Bristol. If I missed BOTH then I'd probably take a gap year and reapply whilst resitting modules I messed up in at college. That won't happen though. :p:
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    I'd be screwed. :mad:

    (go through gap year yadda yadda but would REALLY not want to think about that. Such a terrifying thought, honestly)
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    This thread has the air of inevitability about it...
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    go to a reallty ****y uni.

    I would LOVE to take another year to retake some of my A level moduals, but I cant afford it
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    I've absolutely no idea. I'd probably resit and then reapply next year.
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    I'd go through clearing, the university I'm going to isn't overly 'prestigious' so I'm sure I'd find a place on a course.

    Failing that I'd find some work, or go to College and find another way in to Uni'.
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    This is my second year out, and if I didn't get into my chosen uni then i'd probably just go for one of the backups.
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    Well I love both my firm and insurance, and I've done crap if I dont make my insurance.

    But I would take a gap year like I always wanted.
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    (Original post by ~Ollie~)
    What a horrible thought...
    I would probably go back to college, do retakes (hopefully in January), reapply and then still have a bit of a gap year in the remaining time
    same. I'm terrified about it. If I don't make Warwick, I will be heartbroken
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    If I don't get to uni for whatever reasons I'll probably take a gap year and work to earn as much as possible to at least half of it then spend 2/3 months travelling (mini trip not full on gap year tour type trip). If I could afford to do it I'd do Leadership Academy (LA) at my church whilst still working part time rather than travel but that would be from the september through to the next august.
    However, hoping that I do get in first time around as I want a degree before I do LA!
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    i'll work full time for the year, maybe spend a while in france, and reapply for french and spanish
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    If I didn't get into a uni two years back, knowing what I know now, I probably would've stayed at home and got a job and built up from there without wasting two years and £6k+.
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    Gap year and retake.
    If I couldn't go to university I don't know what I'd do (as melodramatic as that sounds)
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    I'm 100% sure I can achieve ABB (what I need) so I haven't even thought of a back-up plan. I guess I'd look through clearing though. If there were no courses or unis I liked I'd take a gap year.
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    If you miss the grades (fingers crossed it doesn't happen) PHONE THE UNI STRAIGHT AWAY. You never know, they might take you in anyway (mine did!). You must do it asap though, otherwise they might offer your place to someone else.

    Don't think all hope is lost if you look at the mark sheets and see you've missed a grade, just phone the uni up and see if they'll still let you in. You never know!


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