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Fire alarm at school -stories

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    The boys school across the road had a fire drill right when the heavens opened... They were ushered back inside pretty damn quick when lightening struck their field about 10 metres behind one of the forms.
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    a bird pooed on one guy's head during a drill. that was quite funny.
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    It went off last week just after a test in history (it could have gone before you know). It turned out someone had set it off so now they are getting us prefects to guard fire alarms between every lesson until we leave LOL
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    I love fire drills during boring lessons, but they are the most annoying thing ever when they're just before the start of break or lunch - you only miss like 5 minutes of the lesson and then you miss most of your break!

    I do, however, like them when they're carefully done in the lesson before break so that they're over before breaktime, but it's too late to bother going back to the classroom

    I also don't get why we have to stand outside for so long...there's not that many of us, just do the register and let us go back in!
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    goes off every Thursday 11:28:49 am
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    (Original post by Fluent in Lies)
    one time the fire alarm went off and then we all went outside and stood around and then somone took a register and then we went back in!
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    Last week in one of the Art rooms there was a fire, the alarm went off 5 minutes before the end of school and 3 fire engines turned up. All the exits of our school bar one were blocked and all the buses and coaches (about 20) were parked on the dual carridgeway :/. Major confusion.
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    We have an alarm system that if the wind blows in a certain direction it goes off dodgy wires that cant be found!
    so it went off two teachers had a huge argument in front of us, someone fell down the bank at our school broke there arm, a yr 7 got a nose bleed and a yr 10 fainted (it was hot) and then the fire engine that arrived scraped the teachers cars getting to the main entrance

    good times :yy:
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    (Original post by Callipygian)
    Some kid pulled the alarm during one of our exams because theyd finished there last GCSE or something, and i have never seen our (rather overweight) deputy head run so fast to make us all stay put. We had to write the time in the margin and then we got loads of extra time (after waiting for the alarm to stop for a while) although tbh it was a rather nice break.

    We went through a phase at college (my 6th form is attached to a school) where some **** would pull the alarm every other week...during OUR lunch!!
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    we had 3 in 2 days last week!!.

    people really are pathetic!...they caught the people!!
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    Ours was set off four times in one day once.

    Was rather terrific. Teachers standing guarding the little 'break glass' boxes whilst we shuffled through the overcrowded corridors, only for the honking to sound again and everyone to let up a grand old cheer as they proceeded, once again, to the playing fields to await the fire brigade.
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    One time (when there actually was a real fire in the girls loos) we all went outside as usual but it was POURING, like its was probably some of the heaviest rain i have ever seen. But my (then) head of year was wearing a shirt and tie (obviously) and he got so wet, that his shirt got completely stuck to his body, and he just had this random tie waving around! So he decided to take both off! :eek: Hahaha, at the time it was halarious
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    The fire alarm went off in one of my university exams. We all left, a bit confused as to where we should be going. Outside security guards with megaphones were telling everyone it was a real fire and that we were to move to the far side of the campus! That was when we realised there was so much confusion that we could cheat... except, no one could remember any of the questions, let alone the answers!
    We just chatted instead for ages, then then went back in to finish the exam. They gave us 30 minutes extra time, which annoyed me -- since I'd already got stuck and could do no more!

    My school had a fire when everyone was still walking into classrooms at the end of lunchtime. That was fun -- about 2 hours spent sitting on a (pedestrian zone) road outside! Or not. It was a pretty serious fire in the basement, and lots of the senior staff were clearly getting really panicky, which was funny since they were always so strict and organised for fire drills.

    And my university caught fire (again) in November. I was just about to leave when the alarm went off at about 8.30pm, I thought it was certain to be a false alarm so I didn't bother packing up my stuff. After 50 minutes of standing outside I got back in, and left 1 minute later. We were going to go to the pub, but the security guard kept saying "just 5 more minutes!" so we didn't think it was worth it.
    They don't have a bell/siren, but a loudspeaker that says "Emergency! For safety reasons, please evacuate the building."
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    I do music and last week I'd just sat down with one of my lecturers for a tutorial and the fire alarm went off. He started moaning and after a few mins we walked out only to met one of my other lectureres runnign past saying 'bloody fire alarm, I was just about to go to the toilet!'
    When we were standing outside the fire warden started complaining that it had taken us ages to get out, about 10 mins or so, and also that when he walked in after the alarm went off he saw people walking back downstairs and coming up with their instruments from the store. I'm not really surprised because no one knew if it was a drill or not. I think most peoples opinion was save my x thousand pounds instrument, most of which are antiques anyway, and possibly get burnt or lose everything. Though was kind of hard to take the fire warden seriously in a yellow jacket and a Guinness t-shirt.
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    Just the usual, pupils setting off fireworks in corridors.

    Oh, you know those Break Glass fire alarms that have a lift-up panel in front of them to prevent accidental breakage, and when the panel is lifted a shrill local alarm goes off? Someone put a piece of paper underneath the panel, tempting people to retrieve it, and by doing so set off the alarm. I thought that was a funny trap.
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    we were once left in a science lab to do our physics coursework unsupervised

    one of the experiements someone was doing involved a smoke detector, needless to say we messed about with it and the room was quite quickly filled with dense smoke. one of the tech's came in saw the smoke, and stupidly opened the lab door to help it vent, problem was there are smoke alarms in the corridor.

    the fire alarms went off, there was smoke billowing out of our lab, was proper funny as all the other teachers thought there was an actual raging fire in our class
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    This time of year we usually get a few a week.. if not a day! We've never had the fire brigade turn up..ever - even when it was a real fire.. We had the fire officer in the other week and it couldn't have gone more wrong which was quite amusing - it took another 4 attempts to 'pass' the safe evacuation regulations.. also another time my old head of year was doing this hilarious fast walking to try and get ahead of everyone, slipt on the mud and split his trousers! They were eye-wateringly tight though..Hes never been able to live that one down lol
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    Well, I remember once in yr 9 I think it was the alarm went off 3 or 4 times in 1 day as there was some problem somewhere...something with the hot water pipes I think if I remember rightly.

    In yr 7 or 8 it went off just as I'd sat down for Christmas lunch . We weren't happy, especially as we'd been waiting for ages for lunch as it was.

    Earlier in the year the alarm went off at Break and someone stole chocolate from the junior school trolley...teachers were not happy at all.

    And although not at school, on a school trip to Normandy a couple of years ago the alarm went off sometime in the evening, just as everyone was having their showers lol...loads of girls (not including me) had to go outside in the cold in towels...I was one of the luckier ones that was already in PJs, though my feet were cold cos I couldn't find my slippers lol.

    Good times, good times =).
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    the one day is decided to traunt school, to go home and do coursework though, it was set off. so i got caught because i wasnt there lol. so kids stay in school
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    Was always pretty amusing watching the deputy head bring out the sports bag with the "disaster kit" in and put on his fluoro jacket and get out the megaphone (that nobody could listen to because it was such bad quality) and basically have a general power trip. They took it damn seriously at our school - they even had markings painted on the playground showing where each form group should line up. Most amusing fire alarm we had though was when some guys arranged an air guitar competition to happen one lunch time... smoke machine pumping out a nice fog, couple of industrial fans pointing upwards to make the performer's hair flap around rock-star style... of course nobody realised this was going to make all the smoke gather on the ceiling where the smoke detectors were! From then on they wouldn't let us use smoke or haze in shows though which was a bugger.

    Fire drills in uni accomodation are nasty though... 5am, and that's if they're feeling nice enough to give you time to get to sleep properly again before getting up for lectures.
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