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IQ of 115+ to be a Doctor!?

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    I just read an article which said that to be capable of studying Medicine you need to have an IQ of 115 or higher! I know it is not a requirement for studying Medicine, but was wondering what everyone elses opinions on it are? :confused:

    Do you think it should be a requirement or do you think IQ doesn't matter, as long as you achieve the A Level grades??
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    I personally think 115 is more in line with a bin man.
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    More like 130.
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    Isnt 120 average or something ?
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    You what now?

    For ****s sake.
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    I thought the average IQ was 100. I'm not very intelligent and have an IQ of 129, so sounds like utter *******s to me
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    Shouldn't be a requirement as such because it's hardly a measure of your medical ability.
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    IQ has little application. Qualities needed to be a doctor could be discerned more accurately than using IQ tests.
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    Yes, intelligence is important as a Doctor, but many other factors besides intelligence is important in the making of a good Doctor
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    some people say IQ is a load of **** anyway

    but if it does work, then err, 115 is a bit low...
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    I think it is ****! When I read it, I thought it was a joke ...so thought it would be interesting to see what everyone else thought.
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    Imo, your IQ doesn't really matter, it's how hard you work that does, especially for something like medicine. Thomas Edison once said that in order to achieve anything you need 1% intelligence and 99% hardwork. That's why many universities don't look at how intelligent you are as opposed to your potential of working hard.
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    (Original post by Emmalouise1990)
    I think it is ****! When I read it, I thought it was a joke ...so thought it would be interesting to see what everyone else thought.
    Is your IQ below 115?
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    I'd be more concerned if my doctor who was about to operate on me had zero hand to eye co-ordination instead of a mediocre IQ
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    (Original post by Irrelevance)
    I'd be more concerned if my doctor who was about to operate on me had zero hand to eye co-ordination instead of a mediocre IQ
    Why would a doctor be operating on you?
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    this is a joke
    medicine should be for 130+ IQ
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    look, you idiots. the mean IQ, by definition, is 100. and IQ of 115 puts you in the top 25% of the population.

    should a doctor be in portion of the population? one would hope so.

    if you're now thinking 'but wait, i have an IQ of 140, i thought that was average'... yeah, that's because you took an IQ test on tickle.com or something crap designed to pander to your ego.
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    I think 115 is fair, maybe even a bit low but it shouldn't be like the cut-off point to become a doctor.

    And how many people do you think lie about their IQ?

    Or take like a Facebook IQ test and score something ludicrous like 157 and make it official?
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    I don't think it should be a requirement, but I haven't read the source. Are you sure they aren't trying to get at something like 'to understand the knowledge and perform the functions of a normal doctor, the person must have an IQ of around 115'

    That's more saying that to do all the things a doctor does, that's the level of intelligence needed. Could just be that people below this level of IQ do not have the learning ability/capactiy that is needed in the competitive and highly intensive medical training.

    But then again, IQ itself is massively flawed so it should have no baring over professional qualifications


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