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Southern Comfort with coke or lemonade?

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    I have a bottle here, but what's the best mixer?
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    Lemonade. And some ice.

    Plus lime too.
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    Lemonade, no contest!
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    Only tried lemonade but it's lush
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    Used to always have it with Lemonade but tried coke one day and haven't had it with lemonade since :p:
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    Drink it neat! Maybe with ice if you're too much of a wuss to have it neat
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    Ice, you don't want to kill the taste.
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    I tried to drink that neat once.
    I was incapacitated for the next day.

    I would recommend coke. But then again I am obsessed with coke and lemonade is nice with it too.
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    if you have a choice, Lemonade. I've had it with Coke as well and whilst it's not bad, Lemonade is much better.
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    only coke if you wanna drink it quickly. otherwise lemonade
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    lemon+lime+soco is gorgeous!
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    Deffo lemonade with Southern Comfort, coke with JD. Oh and ice.
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    Lemonade! I had a REALLY bad night on JD n coke once and I havn't been able to drink anything like it since!

    Straight with ice is nice 2, without is just nasty.
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    Try it with cider and ginger beer. Pop a double measure in a half pint of cider and top up to make a full pint with ginger beer. Good stuff.
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    Haha easily with coke!

    on the rocks!!

    no need to even ask! It's way better with Coke.

    Jack Daniels on the other hand, better without coke haha :p:
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    Oh lemonade fo' sho'. It tastes like sweets.
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    No debate


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