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Ionic equation for reaction between chlorine and sodium thiosulphate

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    Does anyone know the ionic equation for the reaction between chlorine and sodium thiosulphate and how to work it out? I kind of get the idea but end up confusing myself!
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    I will take a guess

    2S2O3 + Cl2 ---> 2Cl + S4O6

    May want to verify that : )
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    put the charges in and it looks fine to me.
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    yeah S2O3 is 2- as is S4O6
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    thanks guys, just looked at the question again it says -
    Sodium thiosulphate reacts with chlorine to produce sulphate ions, chloride ions and hydrogen ions. Write a balanced ionic equation for the reaction between chlorine and sodium thiosulphate.

    just wonderin where the hydrogen ions fit into it? lol
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S_2O^{2-}_3+4Cl_2+5H_2O \longrightarrow 10H^++2SO^{2-}_4+8Cl^-

    you can get it from the half equations of the oxidation of thiosulphate to sulphate and reduction of chlorine to chloride

    This reaction would occour rather than the other one I guess is because Chlorine is a stronger oxidising agent than Iodine so can oxidise the thiosulphate

S_2O^{2-}_3 + 5H_2O \longrightarrow 10H^++2SO^{2-}_4+8e^-


Cl_2 + 2e^- \longrightarrow 2Cl^-


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