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OCR Advancing physics grade boundaries?

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    Does anyone know the grade boundaries for physics?

    Doing revision now and cos its not really sticking in my head, wondering what do i need to get to get a B... :p:
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    The grade boundaries are given at the end of the examiners reports.
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    (Original post by stryker101)
    lol, the best bit is, im not even going to get that!
    Oh same here!

    Trying to revise , everything reads ok then when i get to questions its like HOLY COW!

    Am i stupid or smthng? Goddd... :rolleyes:
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    Oh, im in every night!! I have no social life buuut after exams...

    I feel for you! Just try to concentrate (i still havent quite managed though) !

    Do lots of practice papers as well!!!!! Theyre a revelation to me! Just shows me how stupid i really am and how pointless physics is and once again reminding me that to get an A in this subject you have to be a robot!

    But good luck with your revision anyways!
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    i worked out that based on my module 1 score and my cs.wk i only need like 50% or less on the last module to get my A :P


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Updated: May 17, 2008
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