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OPITO Apprenticeship - Anyone?

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    The applications are still open until next Friday
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    haha ano i hate the way we know nothink, this is a life changing course for people like us, coz we have to move away from home innit ,
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    well dont get told much either ie holidays and things like that. we dont even get told of class changes. college is mon- fri 9 am to 4.45pm. but we can get away early if we finish class. app test is easy its just basic questions and not that difficult. theres already a guy from newcastle in my class. there is one ecitb mechnical class so yes you and your mate will be together. you will be waiting a while think i was about a month or so. the course dosent start untill agust/october. i think i found out i had the job june/july.
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    What's initial acceptance on the scheme ?
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    think its something like 2000 - 2500
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    (Original post by wallace - ECITB)
    think its something like 2000 - 2500
    Sorry I meant to say what does "notifying you of your initial acceptance on to the scheme."
    Mean ?

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    Im new to this site and thinking of doing the OPITO Apprenticeship.
    However, I cant find any clear information on what benefits (money) I would recieve.
    Do we get the standard apprentice allowance £90 a week? I read we get meals and accomodation paid for is this true?

    Sorry for all the questions I'm just trying to work out if I is finicially viable for me
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    one thing that bothers me, how true is it that one cant apply for a grant if one is with ecitb? also they really are taking they time, i live down south and applied in january and still waiting for the aptitude test, I hope i get in
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    It’s £80 a week. And yes all accommodation and breakfast and dinner are paid for. You get your bus/train/plane fair and 25p a mile if you drive.

    You can't get a grant. You’re employed not a student you’re not entitled to one.

    You will be waiting a while because they wait until all the exams are done so as not to interrupt the exam times. Remember the course doesn’t start until end of august.
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    (Original post by HigherComputing)
    Sorry I meant to say what does "notifying you of your initial acceptance on to the scheme."
    Mean ?

    cant find where i had wrote this lol. i think i meant when you are told you are onto the next stage ie aptitude test
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    Thanks for clearing that up Wallace. Its a very attractive package I think I will send my application in this weekend.

    However is there an upper age limit? As I know alot of apprenticeships are only open to 16-18yr olds and again the website doesn't give too much information
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    I'd be quick you've got 6 days
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    I know it closes this Friday, 6 days is plenty of time 1st class it will be there by Weds at the latest.
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    still excited for this like lads! can't help but find the whole package exciting. the sooner i find out if i am in, the better though. think i know a lot of info now from this forum. 5 hours (according to google maps) between aberdeen and newcastle, and OPITO stated on their site that the instrument tech course is aberdeen. Going to be quite some drive :P
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    Instrument techs are in Edinburgh Josh, so you can cut 2 and a bit hours of that travel time.
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    Got ma app test on the 22nd of April in Glasgow Anyone else going for that test ?
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    i sat my OPITO apptitude test on the 1st of April and passed Has anyone else who's passed heard back about when their interview is
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    I think i am on to the aptitude tests hopefully I'm doing the one on the 22nd of April
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    should u ware a suit for the interview? im thinking about it but am not sure?
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    No grant even if it were opito?


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