OPITO Apprenticeship - Anyone?

    Why are you so bothered about getting a grant, the money you get every month is enough to see you through the month and you also get a 50 quid food allowance a week if you stay away from home but if you stay at home your still entitled to a 10 quid allowance for your lunch each week. If you are so concerned about getting a grant though you could look into gettin a loan in 2nd year when your studying your HNC as your entitled to one.

    thanks for that cu123!! also, has everyone received their letter telling them when their aptitude test will be? the only thing ive received is the letter telling me ive passed the first stage

    Yip, got mine in Glasgow on the 22nd, anyone else on hear heard back, or done their test?


    Ive had a email telling me im onto the next stage
    and that more was to come

    The reason i am so interested in the grant is because i have all sorts of overheads

    does any1 know how much your salary is as soon as you finish your 2 years college?

    ^^ 16500 when your in 3rd year and just under 20000 in 4th year. They will be slightly less if your onshore though.

    So its £90 a week ?
    Plus transport and food

    Then 3rd year its 16500 and 4rth

    just gotten off the phone with the apprenticeship co-ordinator. apparantly, they sort dates for aptitude tests by region. They plan on giving my area (newcastle) their dates within the next 3 weeks or so, but theyre atill doing sctolands now. hopefully this will help anybody who hasn't received a date yet, or maybe thats just me

    i live in scotland and i don't have my intervbiew through yet

    Cu123 do you work for opito? how can you be entiltled to a grant if your employed? not being cheecky im wondering myself?

    and tbh for people that are getting hung up about a grant its not a bid deal id be doing my course for nothing its well worth the career.

    all ecitb get is 80 quid a week. plus travel and thats it. no food allowance but brekkie and dinners paid if u stay at hotel and mechanical and instrument are at falkirk.

    yes buy a suit its a formal interview and a good impression counts.

    Say I get this apprenticeship
    Do you get to come home ?

    Aye wallace i work for opito. Im good mates with Chris who is on the ECITB course with you. Im not entitled to a grant, but i am entitled to a loan(obviously has to be paid back) just like anyone else who is taking a HNC.

    Dont worry about a loan or grant people, the money you get from the company is enough to see you through the month.

    Yes you get to travel home every weekend if you want, but opito only pay for you to travel home 4 times a year, so you will have to fund the travel home yourself for any other times you plan a trip home.

    And for the guy asking about wearing a suit i would 100% recommend you wear a suit, this is a proper job your going for and first impressions always count. Everyone who i go to college with atleast wore a shirt and tie with trousers and black polished shoes, many also chose to wear a suit jacket aswell.

    cu123, do you get anything put towards your travel home? it was mentioned earlier that if you come home every weekend and youre driving, you get 25p per mile?

    Josh, you get 4 trips home each year paid for by opito. Any other times you choose to go home you have to fund it with your own money.

    but what does the salary go up to after 4 years?

    (Original post by Cu123)
    ^^ 16500 when your in 3rd year and just under 20000 in 4th year. They will be slightly less if your onshore though.
    Also will we be able to take advantage of the offshore "tax" rate?

    90 a week ?
    when your at college ?
    Thats not much :/

    90 a week when your at college is good money, and there paying for your accomadation and food, if thats not enough for you then get a part time job. oh and i had my interview today in aberdeen and it went pritty good i think.

    It's actually 80 quid a week. You also get accomadation and food paid, imo that is not a bad deal like.

    Hope you hear good news danz!


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