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help enhanced Dbs check

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    Hi Guys!I need some help!Two months ago my ex partner was violent toward me(he started strangel me by my neck in order to stop me from breathing).I have hit him in the face in self defence,as I was scared I'm going to die!Police got involved and he then accused me of slapping him in the face!Got arrested,questioned,DNA sample taken,when beeing questioned I have admitted doing it in self defence.The interviewing police officer said,that he is not pressing any charges!After few hours they have released me without a charge!Im now scared that it will show on my enhanced Dbs check!Im a professional nanny!My job is my everything!No children were involved in this situation!Its really causing me lots upset this whole situation!Im a good person,and never been involved with the police before!
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    To be honest I'm not 100% sure but I don't think this will have a massive impact on your DBS check as you got let off without any charges; I think you need to actually be charged (or at very least have an offical warning) for it actually to be a black mark against you to show up on you DBS check.

    But, that is an awful situation to be in and I hope everything works out for you
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    Thank you!Im still shocked about what happened!
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    (Original post by Takemehome)
    Thank you!Im still shocked about what happened!
    Yeah, I mean its totally understandable it sounds so awful, but try and focus on the positives as long as you're ok and as far as I'm aware it wont effect your DBS.

    I did a quick google and found this "An enhanced check will show any unspent convictions, cautions, warnings or reprimands along with any spent convictions and cautions that are not eligible for filtering. Intelligence held by the police may also be included if the Police reasonably believe it is pertinent to a recruitment decision*.
    An enhanced check with DBS Barred list check will show the same information as an enhanced check along with any information held on the barred list(s) being checked (Children's, Adults' or Both)."

    so I think you're safe if you were just let go but I found a good website if you wanted to look further into it it is:

    hope this helps to put your mind at rest.


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