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How do you know when you're about to come onto your period?

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    I get bloated 3-6 days before like a fat whale and my appetite increases, then I have a REALLY skinny day then it comes. Happy days. The grumbling pain before hand and increased back pain also indicate it's coming...
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    Bloated boobs and I also get slightly more spotty.
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    Stomach Aches about 3 days before. :eek: They Kill especially in the middle of exams lol @ me clutching my stomach in the middle of my maths exam and people just looking at me like what the hell is she doing lol.
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    My usual moodswings get ten time worse!!! and i just know!! lol
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    wow thats so precise....i dont really know sometimes it just gets me by suprise...but i usually i just know within a few days lol
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    I don't change emotionally but the sides of my boobs hurt a bit to touch and I can kind of feel how its 'full' in utero
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    You just know . . .
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    I only know I'm going to come on when I've got a huge craving for a big chocolate bar before bed. The next morning I know I will come on when I go to the toilet. And every 8 months I get a stomach ache that morning. Simple as that really.
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    I become realllly moody/emotional and i get stomach cramps
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    Lower back ache, but that usually pinpoints within a day or two.

    Can't pinpoint time!!
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    I get a massive headache and it lasts the whole time I'm on, which is annoying because it makes me scared I have TSS lol
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    I get a weird period-type pain a couple of days before usually. Kind of reminds me I'm due on soon. Sometimes notice my tummy is a bit rounder than normal. Also, if I catch myself in tears over something stupid (I rarely cry normally) then I know my period will come the next day!
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    I get like a burning sensation for days before and mild ache.
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    I lose my appetite, get cramps, and usually my mood becomes foul.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I get a really bad back about 3 days before, I only just figured it out a few months ago, used to think I just kept getting a bad back from lifting something heavy!
    I only figured out the waking-in-the-night thing a few months ago too! I just used to think it was random!!

    (Original post by FizzBitch)
    Is it the thread posted a couple of months back by a girl who stuck a piece of tissue up there to see if her period was starting and got it stuck? :rofl:
    Nope, the one with the lass who doesn't know if she's coming on or not (very light spotting)

    I'm amazed that people aren't as regular as me. o-o I thought being this regular was normal!!
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    i'm on the pill so that already takes me to the day, and depending on how much time difference there was on taking it every day then i already know to the hour, but if you're talking actual signs then about 10 minutes before i get a slight cramp.

    i love predictability
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    Slight crampy feelings, increased appetite (well I'm sure I could resist but meh), sore boobs :p:
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    I just know. I have no physical/emotional symptoms, but I can just tell if I'm about to get my period... it's a bit like The Force.
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    I'm always really cranky the day before. About a werk before i suffer with cramps. I normally am quite regular so i can tell the signs.
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    My breasts hurt and I might get abdominal pain a week before it's started (rarely though). The biggest sign is, my boobs look bigger than usual (and I think they've grown when my period is just going to start:p:) and they hurt like anything. They feel like...rocks in a bean bag and if anything just touches em, even lightly, they hurt for about 20 minutes.

    And that's always the time people want to hug me really really tightly and don't get why I don't want a hug and get annoyed.

    And a weird sort of bloating feeling.


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