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calling a boy beautiful

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    is it ok to call a boy beautiful?
    because i said it to someone over msn and he was like what, boys arent beautiful. But i had no alternative because hottie is cheesy, gorgeous makes me cringe, sexy...eugh, fitty?fitness? eugh, and what else is left. princess?

    is it alright to call a boy beautiful or is it weird
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    Handsome is a better equivalent than beautiful
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    that sounds cheesy too though
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    I call my boyfriend beautiful and pretty all the time, he's never complained; I suspect he loves it.
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    i don't think lads like being called beautiful as it's not very manly. well some lads i know anyway.
    i tell lads they're beautiful, as it's just another word for attractive isn't it?
    so it's not weird, it's a compliment.

    i like the word handsome.
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    It's not a common term, but it's Ok to use occasionally. Possibly more to describe one feature rather than the boy as a whole, eg, 'his eyes are beautiful'
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    the same goes for calling women handsome
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    if your gay, its okay
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    (Original post by missygeorgia)
    I call my boyfriend beautiful and pretty all the time, he's never complained; I suspect he loves it.
    lol, bet he does, your not too bad yourself
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    why would you call a male princess? lol
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    (Original post by Peter North)
    if your gay, its okay

    that has nothing to do with it
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    It depends if he is or not. Some boys are beautiful, rather than handsome or 'hot'. It's a particular look and they often have 'softer' characteristics such as huge eyes or a particularly sensitive mouth.
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    If he doesn't like it, don't, but loads do like missygeorgia, i guess they love it really, it's a compliment at the end of the day.
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    (Original post by notts-lad-08)
    why would you call a male princess? lol
    i always call a certain male friend princess. He likes it, its funny. I genrally wouldnt call any other males princess thogh
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    'Stunning'? 'Good looking'? 'Buff'? (Lol, buff) Just plain old 'Attractive' or 'Sexy'?
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    each to there own i guess
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    (Original post by Emmska)
    'Stunning'? 'Good looking'? 'Buff'? (Lol, buff) Just plain old 'Attractive' or 'Sexy'?
    "bye buff" haha. doesnt really sound right
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    If he looks sort of girly or angelic I call him beautiful.
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    It's weird. I'd feel very unmanly.
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    (Original post by atoms4peace)
    that sounds cheesy too though
    Good looking...Maybe?


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Updated: June 1, 2008
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