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Most Scandalous Thing That Has Happened At Your School?

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    My school is really boring with scandle.
    In the school nearby, a girl was infatuated with a 49 year-old. She was on webcam with him and forced her to 'do things' with a hairbrush and door handle. My friend knew her as well, and went with her to meet up with him - he never came. But, she didn't know he was 49, until later on. The girl then told her Mum, who made the local newspaper write an article about it. So, the girl got really depressed and tried to overdose. Luckily, my friend was there when she tried to overdose and made her take salt-water and throw it all back up. Sadly, my friend never got any reconision (SP?) for what she did.
    This was all in year 8.
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    got another one
    girl in my year accidently stood on a broken glass bottle in the PE changing room, whilst i was in there
    it went right though the end of her foot and there was a massive pool of blood
    had to get rushed to hospital
    it was horrible
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    A girl went into labour at our end of year 11 prom, apparently she didn't even realise she was pregnant. That was pretty interesting seeing as it was an all girls Catholic school.

    Also the school ran a program where some students went to Africa (I think) and stayed at orphanages etc. Anyway, the group got thrown out of an orphanage when one of the girls was found having sex with an orphan (granted the orphan was like 17 apparently) and they were then stranded on the streets in Africa :p:
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    (Original post by piece_by_piece)
    Was that the party which was announced on BBC Radio 1 or something?
    Yeah, by Pete Tong. But her parents basically used him as a scapegoat for their daughter's catastrophic stupidity.
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    (Original post by buttons_andbeads)
    Also the school ran a program where some students went to Africa (I think) and stayed at orphanages etc. Anyway, the group got thrown out of an orphanage when one of the girls was found having sex with an orphan (granted the orphan was like 17 apparently) and they were then stranded on the streets in Africa :p:
    Just LOL.
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    One of our technicians supposedly got fired for cutting the wrong wire and bringing the whole school network down. We were pretty pleased about it because he used to go into the canteen and buy every single piece of toast.
    My year 8 geography teacher got voted coolest teacher of the year by Bliss magazine.
    At our Prom, the teachers insisted on a 'no drinking' rule, which everyone more or less obeyed except for one girl who turned up in the 'can barely walk' stage of drunkeness and was promptly removed.
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    My school doesn't have any really good ones, but:
    - In my year group by year 11 (32 were girls) there were 17 girls who were pregnant / had babies.
    - Normal drinking / drugs in school thing. One guy who was in my class in year 10 got arrested for selling drugs to year 7's.
    - Big fight between year 9 and everyone else not sure what that was about, but it was reported in local news etc.
    - A teacher was sacked having a relationship with students.
    - One boy was murdered by some other boys who had left school, although this (obviously) didn't happen at school. This also happened the year before I went there.

    Can't think of any others atm.
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    Somebody pooed in the guy's sixth form toilet sink.... For weeks it was like who did that?!!! Nobody has owned up yet! It is to forever be a mystery!

    Also someone got hold of a sex video some girl in the year below made... went all around the common room.... That caused a bit of a stir!

    Finally, one of our teachers ended up 'resigning' after rumours of him texting and meeting up and things with a year 11 girl...
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    At primary school the cows got in the playground, lolz #excited#
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    (Original post by misswilliams)
    A girl last year, from a Pakistani family, used to be mates with a few people I know. She was any normal teenager, got drunk on a friday night, was on social networking sites, had bofriends etcetc. Anyway her family thought she was getting "too Westernised" and disapproved of her behaviour. So at Christmas they told her they were going on holiday to visit family in Pakistan.

    Yeah well they shipped her off on her own and she never returned. Not a chance to say bye to her mates, tell the college, her boyfriend, nothing. Her MySpace is still logged in last on 15th December 2006 or something and you can see all her friends asking where she is, when she's coming back and finally when they learnt the truth.

    I thought that was a bit shocking, she's probably got a husband now and 3 kids. Sigh. And her brothers and sisters are still all going to school around here.
    This is really sad! Is there nothing the school could do? Surely there must be some kind of procedure so that pupils can't just disappear.
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    My sister knew an African girl who went to her school. After they left, they found out she really was about 30 years old - but she wanted an education!
    No harm in that! lol
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    At my very catholic school, a group of 6th formers broke into the chapel at 3am, and got drunk on communion wine! It was about 8 years ago though
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    Someone jumped off the flats next to my school, boys playing football heard him scream and stuff then realised and rang the ambulance/police .

    Girl from my school was on this BBC programme admitting to sleeping with 50 men, most she met on the internet... then said that all girls from around here are the same *not impressed*

    Everyone thought these maths teachers went out, then after he left last year we found out she left her husband for him.

    Boy my brother played football with hung himself. A girl died in a car crash, can't remember exactly but think her boyfriend driving had been drinking or something. A girl in my year died of an asthma attack days after being diagnosed. All three were in yr9 at the time :s:

    Plus the normal pregnancies, drunkeness etc (though no student/teacher relationships I've heard of?)

    None of them are really that scandalous though tbh, I know I've forgotten some but they probably aren't that interesting anyway so don't matter lol.
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    There was a huge scandal at my school when somebody put their poo all over the wall and cubicle door handles in the boys toliet. We still don't know who did it!
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    (Original post by Amy_J)
    I think someone got a C in an A Level once.

    EDIT: oh just remembered! one teacher was fired one month in after someone in my year caught him on gay porn (internet filtering only got introduced last xmas at my school)
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    Two teachers were sacked for being alcholics apparently one of them kept a bottle of whisky in his store cupboard (dunno if that bits true though)

    One teacher was found out to look at child porn after another teacher found a CD in his room whilst looking for a blank CD and checked it and found child porn images on it, that's it I think
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    (Original post by diamonddust)
    There was a huge scandal at my school when somebody put their poo all over the wall and cubicle door handles in the boys toliet. We still don't know who did it!
    Ha yeh thats happened at my school too. They wrote the word "poo" in poo on the cubicle door. Got to admire the creativity.
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    (Original post by annab1684)
    - A freaky paedophile teacher who didn't last two seconds (thank god)
    Damn, he came quickly.
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    ^ LOL

    There was a freakin homeless guy living in one of the lofts in my school...
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    Girl and boy in my year made a sex tape of themselves - the girl had a boyfriend at the time, which makes it seem even stupider to me that they had filmed it. Anyway, the guy kept this video on his phone and someone found it. Needless to say it's been round the whole school and, from what I can gather, a number of schools in the area. People I work with actually asked me: "Do you go to school with the sex tape girl?" which is quite worrying. Police got involved blah blah, something to do with pornography involving someone under 18. Anyway, the boy had left school but she stayed, despite pretty much the whole of the school having seen the tape. Got to say she's got some balls doing that!

    Also, the man who did the lighting for our school shows (who, incidentally, the aforementioned girl has also slept with) was caught at another youth theatre event he has been doing for years filming the girls' changing rooms - girl from age 3 - 18. Got sent to prison I think, though I'm not sure for how long.

    We don't have many scandals, but they'e usually quite big when they do happen - makes for good gossip at least


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