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TSR Moderation team changes discussion thread

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    We are happy to welcome three new minimods.

    =nuke= who will be modding Entertainment.

    lady venom who will be modding Fitness

    la trampa who will be modding Fashion and Beauty

    In addition Hobnob is expanding her domain into Universities as well.

    Congratulations to all four
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    Congrats guys. Have been waiting for that to happen to nuke for far too long!

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    At laaaast for Nukey. Gratz to all.
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    finally, nuke is a mod
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    Congratulations guys!
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    Not before time for nuke :^_^: Well done La Trampa and Lady Venom too!

    Still no PS Helper minimod then? :ninja2:
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    Good news, Hobnob!
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    Congrats old nuclear one, thoroughly deserved.
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    Congrats guys.
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    Thank you. Let me know if I mess things up in 136 and beyond.
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    (Original post by =nuke=)
    Thank you. Let me know if I mess things up in 136 and beyond.
    If you do I'll, I'll, I'll kill you :puppyeyes:
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    Ah, congratulations
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    congrats guys happy modding :party:
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    Well done one and all.
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    Donating some "mad props" for these guys. Not ridiculous theatre paraphernalia.
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Updated: February 2, 2015
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