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TSR Moderation team changes discussion thread

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    Good choices!
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    Excellent choices, congrats and welcome.
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    Surprisingly good picks :lolwut:

    Well done all :teeth:
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    Congratulations especially to greeneyedgirl :yep:
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    Congratulations all :yy:
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    (Original post by G8D)
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    Congrats all. Welcome to the mad house
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    Ah excellent some new sports mods lets welcome them crazy gang Wimbledon style
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    Congratulations :thumbsup:

    I am no longer the rookie :king2:
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    (Original post by S-man10)
    Another cule is now a mod. Its in the Barca DNA ffs. :sogood:

    The La Masia modding academy ffs. :smug:

    Congrats all!
    Assuming it's footie related, in girl language what is a cule? :ninja:

    Congratulations people
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    None of my nominations made it. :sad:
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    (Original post by letsdothetimewarpagain)
    Assuming it's footie related, in girl language what is a cule? :ninja:

    Congratulations people
    A fan of Barcelona.
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    (Original post by Phalanges)
    A fan of Barcelona.
    well I'm glad it's not really obvious :o:

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    (Original post by Crazy Paving)

    None of my nominations made it. :sad:
    Same. I really thought the user I nominated was pretty ideal for the position. Moderators know best I guess.

    Or maybe she turned it down. :ninja:
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    :awesome: Great to have you all on the team!
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    Awesome news. Well Done
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    More mods? :eek:
    Congrats! Gosh I need to get into other forums more, never seen any of these mods before
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    Congratulations all Good luck JK and Barca in particular (and greeneyedgirl because she supports Newcastle :cool:)

    Congratulations to all five.
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    Congratulations again


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Updated: April 9, 2016
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