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TSR Moderation team changes discussion thread

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Don't forget to check out our results day hub. See you on the day for celebration and support, good luck! 22-06-2015
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    Congrats Randomgirl.

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    Yay for randomgirl =)
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    Randomgirl is awesome, nice one!
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    Oh, nice one. Gratz and yay for the team of rand(d)oms taking over the forum.
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    Thanks guys.

    (Original post by Jangrafess)
    Oh, nice one. Gratz and yay for the team of rand(d)oms taking over the forum.
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    Maybe I'm an idiot, but what happened to AT82?
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    He left, ages ago actually.

    Congrats randomgirl.
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    I loled knowingly when Segat asked in the other thread
    Congratulations rg {expects flood of modwannabes trying to submit name changes to randomsomething}
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    randomJangrafess plz
  10. Offline


    can you all change your names to random[username]./ That would be cool/pointless/vaguely amusing.
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    Wait til the username change policy changes, get them all changed and watch the moaners kick off :evil:
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    I want to change my name to Acalia.

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    Good appointment, congrats.
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    Extremelly good choice, congratulations
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    Great choice, congrats!
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    Definitely a good choice, well done!
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    Randomgirl, my new enemy :jitsu:
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    Yeah, Congrats Randomgirl
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    Congratulations, miss randomgirl. Now roll up your sleeves and dig in.

    And keep rofling at my jokes. It makes me feel (and look) good.


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Updated: February 2, 2015
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