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TSR Moderation team changes discussion thread

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    Good luck with it all Oli.
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    Aww no, Oli was my favourite thing about Tech . Srsly.
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    (Original post by Jangrafess)
    I volunteer.
    I support this proposal.

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    (Original post by fleur de lis)
    You sadist :p: Poor Vlad, he runs round GD like a headless chicken, he doesn't need more work! :indiff:
    No autographs, please. :p: More work = more coffee.

    Still, good luck to Oli.
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    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    How come the new mods are always the ones with Yellow/Shiny gem reps ? :sigh:
    Not always.

    But considering the rep system is intended to reward helpful members who make a positive contribution to the forum, which is pretty much the job of a moderator, then it's quite a natural connection :p:
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    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    Wasn't he on his own anyways..he had a lot to do managing all the Tech forum and all the subforums on his own. I thought there would have been a good few people moderating that forum anyways...

    How come the new mods are always the ones with Yellow/Shiny gem reps ? :sigh:
    ...Strawberry springs to mind
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    (Original post by The Muon)
    It could do to be someone who also posts in gaming as I know that is another area where we now a moderatorless
    (Original post by chernij)
    No mods in tech :eek:
    Oi, I didn't leave :hmmm:

    Anyway, we've now got a new mod in Tech

    Mad Vlad
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    :congrats:, although im sure he was already a mod in tech anyway :confused:.
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    (Original post by kflynn)
    :congrats:, although im sure he was already a mod in tech anyway :confused:.
    He was GD, just a bit of a legend in Tech.

    Well done Vlad, obvious choice.
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    Well done babe :hugs:
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    Well done Vlad - come and say hi to the ps3 soc :yy:
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    Well done babes :hugs:
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    Congrats :yy:
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    Good choice!
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    Thanks everyone!
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    I could see this coming from a long way off, but congratulations - a fantastic choice!
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    (Original post by kflynn)
    :congrats:, although im sure he was already a mod in tech anyway :confused:.
    Nope, but that's why he was the obvious and excellent choice! :p: Well done, Vlad


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Updated: February 2, 2015
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