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Unit 6 Biology edexcel Synoptic

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    Im shiiiiiiiiiiiizzing myseld about tommrorrow - cos I have my Food and Nutritoin cse study in the morning

    i hate essays! xxx good luck everyone
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    hey guys, im soo lost, i dont have much time, and i need to know what will get me an A, like what topics to look at, or just past papers, since i only started studying now, had exams all week..sorry
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    im going for gene tech i think xx
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    yeah that is true, in unit 4 there was alot on nerves and neurones so im not sure?

    also there was a possibility of maybe comparisions between photosynthesis and respiration?!
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    (Original post by Danielle1990)
    i really dont want to do this exam
    i have geography synoptic in the morning and then biology synoptic in the afternoon
    oh the joys of edexcel exams
    at least its my last day of exams.. then its summmer !

    good luck everyone..
    i know i sure as hell need it

    haha ditto! - i hate cumbria
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    what mark would we need in unit 6 biology, edexcel, i.e. this exam, to get an A? it's out of 38, right?so..
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    i bet sexual reproduction will come up it has never come up before....stuff like oogenesis the acrosome reaction...and the plants.pollen tubes..ETC:cool:
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    check examiner reports
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    Plant reproduction came up in june 07... but your right about human reproduction
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    i think sexual reproduction mite come up aswell... coz it wasnt in the unit 2 paper at all.
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    do they tend to repeat essay questions? if not exact question, but content-wise??
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    hey, italy got a goal, damn i wanted france to win, lol
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    haha yep they did, and yeah they do repeat questions, look at the last two for human side

    both to do with meiosis!
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    (Original post by gorilla_baby)
    what mark would we need in unit 6 biology, edexcel, i.e. this exam, to get an A? it's out of 38, right?so..
    you need about 25/38 which is not too bad
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    stupid stupid biology...stupid stupid...
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    All i no is that france got busted wen playin against Holland. The look on Henry's face wen they scored second after him....priceless!
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    and its combined with coursework.
    good or bad depending on how well we did in our coursework
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    hu's doin all nighters
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    biology is stupid, in a biology book, it said that the main forestry products obtained from cutting down forests are furniture and CHOPSTICKS, LOL, no offence to chinese people but isnt paper more prevalent the CHOPSTICKS
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    yeah i heard that if you did get nothing on the essay but aced the front load of qs you will come out with a C


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Updated: June 17, 2009
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