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Needs tips on how to be "posh". How do I become really posh?

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    There's a lot of networking involved working in Corporate Finance. I'm under the impression that one has to have a certain degree of "poshness" in order to have a successful career. I don't want to be just posh - I want to be really posh. Any tips?

    What are your first impressions of someone who speaks with a posh accent?

    Is being posh attractive these days?
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    Only in America, I believe.
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    pronounce your t's
    and speak like you have a hot potatoe in your mouth
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    (Original post by MSB)
    Only in America, I believe.
    a posh american? ... ive never seen one
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    Never try and immitate a posh accent. You'll look like a prat.

    As long as you have manners and are not a complete idiot you'll be ok. If you try and be anything else you'll slip up and they'll see through it.
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    What sort of posh? toff posh or middle class queen's english sort of posh?
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    wtf lol
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    Shove a large stick where the sun don't shine, and make the metaphor true.

    I don't recommend turning all BBC-English if it means losing your own identity. Just make sure you pronounce words clearly and correctly, and speak fluently and with some civility in your tone, no drawling or using modern terms like "innit"

    Seriously though, there's no need to try and turn into the Queen Mother or something (yes, I'm aware you're male but am being ironic)

    Just speak clearly, and you'll do fine
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    this post is hilareous lol.

    but your getting there but using the word "one" in your sentences..lol - hope that helps? if not then forget about stereotyping and just be yourself.. be smart,intelligent and witty and you'll be top dog in no time.
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    (Original post by Reltub)
    a posh american? ... ive never seen one
    I was answering the question:
    (Original post by dealbreaker)
    Is being posh attractive these days?
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    But if you really want to... speak about yourself using 'one' and have rreally long vowels.

    I love speaking posh, amuses me so.
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    (Original post by MSB)
    I was answering the question:
    oo i get ya
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    horsey teeth are an absolute MUST.
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    (Original post by Raquel//)
    But if you really want to... speak about yourself using 'one' and have rreally long vowels.

    I love speaking posh, amuses me so.
    na do not use "one" they see through it and think you are taking the mick
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    Tbh I wouldn't want to be REALLY posh - I'm fairly posh but not extreme, and when I talk to someone who speaks the Queen's English I feel quite intimidated and inferior, and it's not attractive at all.
    Now, a really hot accent is Northern Irish *swoons*
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    Talk about the horrid Hunting Act of 2004 and your love of Harris Tweed.

    Or rather confound the stereotypes -- if you don't, such sectors of society will always be exclusive, which can only be a bad thing.
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    Make jokes about the common people and confidently discuss your school days at Eton. Discuss homosexuality as something for bored schoolboys and feminism as something for ugly poor women.
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    i always think lots of people dont know the meaning of posh, so what kinda posh do you want to be?
    i get tonnes of people calling me posh because of my accent, i think im just well brought up and my accent is because of where i live partly?

    i agree prenounce words properly, but dont overly do it. it will be obvious if you are just putting it on. oh and dont say like all the time!
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    Say 'yah' instead of 'yes'.
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    If you want to be really posh, talk like Prince William and Harry, in that bored sort of way.

    off = "orf"
    tower = "tar"



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