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Abercrombie And Fitch

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    Please HELP this is quiet important to me! I have had an interview for hollisters ( stratford new shoopin center) london on saturday the 6-09-11 , and I have had an interview for abercombrie &fitch ( mayfair, oxford circus) london, on the 9-09-09. I haven't herd from any of them yet. But both interviews went really well to my opinion. Also do you guys think that they hire black poeple? I am a model , black(chocolate skin) not too skinny and pretty. I am going to attach a picture to this but please let me know of what du think. ( Okay I dnt know how to attach a picture) but add me on facebook. MAritza aslan. (Inbox me before please)
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    I hate brands, but got offered an interview on the day i was wandering around in there (defffinitely not to buy haha) but went along for the 'might as well' purpose and got the job. I was wearing skinny jeans, low cut shirt and had my ear stretcher in and still got the job so it doesn't matter what you're wearing! But everyone's right about the questions asked and just be confident and easy to talk to
    Yes... i work there hahaha but just for the money (and obviously everones hot as well...) I still persisit to not wear brands, although as 'model' i have to in-store...
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    What is the minimum age to get a job there and what size clothes can you be because I'm quite curvy, I have strong legs and when I went there, there was a lot of really skinny girls wearing short skirts and it left me feeling a little bit down, would I not get the job If I'm not like them ?
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    Do you know where is the interview for A&F London ?
    In the same Building than the shop ?
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    To the bemused people, they call a sales assistant a model because it means they can legally hire based on looks, build, general attractiveness etc.

    If you're working for them, you're going to be hot. Generally speaking you'll be tanned. Hair will be natural. There's a uniform of jeans (ultra skinny) or shorts with tank tops, tshirts, shirts, shoes are strictly flip flops MAYBE converse sometimes. You're supposed to look like you just walked off the beach. Natural make up and hair, no fake tan, no nail polish, etc. I've never seen a girl working there who is above about a size 10, guys are told to wear their shirts a size smaller than normal.

    As for the interview, it's always seemed to me to be a joke of an interview, it's really just to judge your looks and see if you fit with the brand.

    Having said all that, I don't see how it's really different from any other retail based minimum wage job, and I think people who diss it are stupid - you still have a job and are being paid. a part time job for most students is going to be something like this.


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Updated: June 13, 2012
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