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River Island Job Application Form

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    What, this one?

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    there you go.
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    (Original post by sharp910sh)

    there you go.
    Beat ya to it [;
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    that happened to me lol.The link above is the right one...........
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    Aw Cheers guys, your a Lifesaver!! Plus Rep for you!
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    (Original post by Charlurr)
    Beat ya to it [;
    Ah, I went into RI and they told me to go away.
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    ^^ Really? :confused:
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    yeh, they are gay.
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    uhm a local store said they have summer temp vacancies but i have to fill in an online app form, i cant seem to find it anywhere, any help?
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    where can i get an online River Island Application form?
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    I can't find an online River Island App Form..The staff says that i need to get it from the internet...can anyone help me plz...>> ..!!
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    (Original post by sehrish198)
    I can't find an online River Island App Form..The staff says that i need to get it from the internet...can anyone help me plz...>> ..!!

    Type that in your tool bar and enter your post code and itll say if there are any vacancies available.
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    My name is Sarah Hopson and I am looking for a job, a saturday job and will be willing to work more throughout holidays. If you are able to get back to me and I can send you through my cv and other information you need.
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    Im looking for a saturday job, can anyone send me a link to job application forms, thanks
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    I want to work for RI, can anyone kinda send me a link to job application forms pls.
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    You have to apply on the River Island website itself, it's not hard.
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    I am still a student looking for a part time job and also at weekends
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    (Original post by JenniferM1996)
    I am still a student looking for a part time job and also at weekends
    posting on here won't get you a job sorry, you need to actually apply to companies
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    SOOO annoyed. Applied at River Island yesterday got a text saying I should book my interview. When I tried booking my interview there were no more slots And now I have to wait for further instructions. Has this happend to anyone before and what will the 'further instructions' be?


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Updated: July 4, 2013
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