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The Insomniacs Society

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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    TSR Insomniacs Society

    A society for both voluntary and involuntary insomniacs
    Feel welcome to post at any time of day as long as you don't mind being teased mercilessly if it happens to be daytime

    Join here
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    No more play tonight I imagine

    Hey guys
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    New thread! YAY
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    :hello: :top2:
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    Oooh I got 10,000th. What do I win? :teeth:
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    Final counts from the old thread are:
    User Name Posts
    Rafa 1,022
    Craghyrax 840
    red_Rose 792
    SuperDaz 768
    herecomestrouble 704
    wackysparkle 581
    secretmessages 522
    laura-rad 393
    Ribbons 379
    nuttygirl 297
    ellie_auk 281
    DenkMit 275
    Demon_AS 246
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    (Original post by red_Rose)
    Rafa 1,022
    Congrats Rafa :p:
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    ;wizard; - that's you that is
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    to think I wanted to say hello to you guys and found a new thread!

    Jeez... I wasn't that active like last time :ninja:
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    (Original post by secretmessages)
    Oooh I got 10,000th. What do I win? :teeth:
    Nothing :hmmm:

    More importantly, what do I get for having the 10001st post?
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    (Original post by red_Rose)
    New thread! YAY
    yay it's all new

    in answer to your question in your other thread i think it should be a 15 or something, it's really quite sweary and bloody in parts... maybe things have changed since i was 12 :p:
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    (Original post by SuperDaz)
    Nothing :hmmm:

    More importantly, what do I get for having the 10001st post?
    Even less than nothing :hmmm:
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    bumfloss tbh :teeth:
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    (Original post by Rafa)

    Edit: Naww you deleted it
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    'Sup? :creep:
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    Top Gear :love:


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