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Step Ahead Summer School 2008

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    Hey are there any 2008 starters on here that will be at this year's summer school? If you are, you can say hi here . I'll be one of the mentors at Step Ahead so if ya got any questions feel free to ask.

    Official Website:

    Official Facebook Group:
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    Hi! I'm going to this Step Ahead thing on the Stoke campus in a couple of weeks! What is it all about then, just an intro to the uni really? x
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    i'll be there at stoke
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    it's a bit bare atm, but check out the step ahead facebook group, it's gonna be upated soon with loads of info for you guys. But yeah it is like a good intro to uni, learning about the campus, the area, staff. good tips etc. and you get to see what it's like staying in halls and get to know loads of people so come freshers week ya don't have to worry about being alone and not knowing anyone.
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    hehe, first day seems to have gone well bar a few accomodation issues lol
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    I hear it went quite well.

    I didn't go as I'm already there! But my boyfriend went and loved it.
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    Heh, I was at step ahead. ^^

    Freaking Excellent. *waves at Becca* :P
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    Well hope everyone at the Stoke Campus enjoyed step ahead; All of us mentor's had a great time inspiring your minds and can't wait to see you all in september

    For people coming to the Stafford Campus event this week, Cya soon!! and i hope you guys enjoy it like the Stoke guys did...


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Updated: August 3, 2008
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