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Do you bounce your knee up and down?

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  • View Poll Results: Do you indulge in knee bouncing?

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    I do this quite often, it's pretty fun if you ask me. Gives me something to do with my feet.
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    Yes. I am right now. :3
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    Yup. It's meant to be annoying, though. I should really try to stop.
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    No. When I'm on my laptop, which I usually am, I'm lying on my bed. I've taken to stretching my legs out in front of me just to make the muscles do something.
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    Constantly !
    Ask Doyds; she hates me for it.
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    yea i do actually! thought i was the only one :ninja: my friends are always annoyed with it. why??? whats the problem??? i like doing it, like i consciously do it cause i enjoy it so much.
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    haha yep me too...i really like doing it, but i think its the noise it makes that gets to people.
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    Yea, I always do it.

    Someone said to me once "Why are you so nervous?", because I was doing it, I've been doing it for years but only at desks when I'm working or on computer...
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    haha yep, when i do it people always ask me if i need a wee..
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    I do it. Even now.

    Couple of years ago my mate, upon observing this and asking me about it, hypothesised that it was sexual tension. I have no idea if he's right.
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    Awh Juwel's sexually frustrated. there there. ;console;

    I do it usually when I'm concentrating and then i'll get my friend nudging me to stop moving the table
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    (Original post by Juwel)
    I do it. Even now.

    Couple of years ago my mate, upon observing this and asking me about it, hypothesised that it was sexual tension. I have no idea if he's right.
    i heard it was to do with sexual tension aswell, increased hormone levels maybe
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    I bounce my knee ALL the time and it really annoys whoever I am sitting next to. I don't even realise I'm doing it sometimes.

    I've no idea if it's to do with sexual tension either, I think it's just one of those things.
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    What's the difference between 'yes' and 'sometimes'?
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    Yeah I do it a lot as well. Wouldn't worry too much about it.
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    All the time, annoys many a person though


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