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Hair Dyes Which Don't Test On Animals

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    Garnier do test, most big companies do. The co-op own brand have the bunny logo which confirms cruelty free since 1985 x
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    (Original post by shinyhappy)

    Directions seem good, I've never used it, but a vegan friend has and recommends it (and her hair looks ok, and hasn't fallen out or anything!)
    I would really recommend Directions if you want to go an unnatural colour. And it's good to know it's not tested on animals.
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    (Original post by ElectricOceans)
    Today I happened to be browsing around in Wilkinson’s and I came across hair dyes, without even thinking I saw a colour I quite liked and wanted to test it out but I didn’t think about what brands test on animals. Its only a non-permanent one which washes out within 6-8 shampoos. The only problem is its by Nice ‘n Easy and I did some research and found that they test on animals and I’m totally against using products which have been tested on animals and don’t wish to support them. I just wondered whether anyone can suggest some hair dyes which are available in the United Kingdom which don’t test on animals? I found one range called Daniel Field and his products are Vegan but by the looks of it his products are only available online? Unless anyone knows shops which stock his products?
    i'm pretty sure animal testing for cosmetic purposes was banned in the UK last year

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    I use Superdrug's own Vibrance dye range and it says on their bottles of dye and the conditioner that comes with the dye that they don't test on animals. Thats great so not only don't they test on animals, their dye is also a lot cheaper than other brands of dye! Its the best dye I've ever used tbh.

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    Hi, I've been researching for hair dyes that do not test on animals and found that boots own brand are great. The colour is really nice and they have a wide range to choose from. Also PRO:VOKE products are lovely for blonde or grey hair. Hope this helps.


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Updated: October 26, 2015
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