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best jobs for a 16 year old (full time student)

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    Hi everyone. I have applied for a number of places but have been unsuccessful for most of them. I sent my CV into Currys and Argos they said they got vacancies since i handed in my CV, whcih was about a week and a half ago and since then i haven't heard from them. Any advice?
    n.b. i also called Currys and no one picked up the phone

    Who knows any other shops that take people who have no experience?
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    maybe Borders the book store or WHSmith
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    Just started, sooo flexible!!
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    Not borders, you have to be 18.
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    Loads of places like that will take you on for part time work with no experience, provided your CV looks good enough. May I suggest that could be the problem.
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    (Original post by blackdragonthegreat)
    Not borders, you have to be 18.
    wow... why?
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    Erm lawyer perhaps?
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    Supermarkets. Most of them recruit online if you go on their website.
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    (Original post by samsam123)
    wow... why?
    I'd guess it was because they sell age restricted products and obviously you have to be above that age to sell them.
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    Supermarkets. Dont matter which one to be honest, they'd take cheap students anyday.

    Bare in mind that for students, this is the wrong time to apply as the jobs would have been taken by uni students who finished earlier
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    Thanks for your answers. But most supermarkets have no vacancies lol. Has anyone else sent their CV to Argos and Currys and was successful? how long did it take for them to reply?
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    there are loads of jobs - i printed off about 20 cvs and cover letters and just went down the high street in my local town going in and handing them to a member of staff - then i did the same with a nearby retail park - i got an interview with somerfield, and then got the job so just ignored all the other replies.

    and if you are ever stuck you can always get a job at mcdonalds - anybody can get a job there
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    (Original post by samsam123)
    wow... why?
    i dont know i tried to apply there but they said you have to be 18.
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    (Original post by eulerwaswrong)
    and if you are ever stuck you can always get a job at mcdonalds - anybody can get a job there
    Agreed. My friend wrote an application as a joke and wrote that he had a criminal record, could only work for 2 hours at a time etc, **** like that (boring that). They still rang him up and asked him for an interview...
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    (Original post by SmilerNuts)
    I'd guess it was because they sell age restricted products and obviously you have to be above that age to sell them.
    i thought it was a book shop?
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    Anywhere which can be flexible about your working hours i guess...

    A book store would be good though because you could read up on your subject whilst working...
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    Currys do their recruiting online thats who I applied in december anyway.
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    You'll probably have more luck if you wait until Autumn now; university students are scouring for jobs like vultures at the moment.

    If your CV looks decent then supermarkets tend to be the best bet.
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    I'm in a similar situation... are there any other recommended ways of making money that are easy for 16 year olds, but in a less official way? I don't mean that I want to avoid getting a job, as I would like one, but I know there are some nice supplementary sources, such as setting up Google AdSense websites etc. Any ideas?
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    (Original post by kinglrb)
    Currys do their recruiting online thats who I applied in december anyway.
    I went into my local store and they said they had vacancies so they took my CV in


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Updated: July 23, 2015
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