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Help Interview Tomorow At UNIQLO!!

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    I have an interview tomorow at Uniqlo. I need help on what kind of questions they would ask me and how I should answer them. Also what else should I wear. I decided to wear a white vest top and black shorts that are about above the knee length with a grey cardigan and was wondering if it was ok to wear for an interview. Ah really nervous! :woo:
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    Ah I bought the most amazing shorts from UNIQLO the other day! :p:

    Good luck!
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    Dunno about what they will ask. But clothes sound good, what shoes?
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    (Original post by xxstace123xx)
    Dunno about what they will ask. But clothes sound good, what shoes?
    flat shoes.
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    (Original post by ThisCantBeChanged)
    flat shoes.
    Sounds good.
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    Hey! How did it go? I have one next week :eek:
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    Hey guys I have an interview at Oxford Street on the 9th of august as well...I am so the Regent Street store a new one or not ? please reply asap..thanks x
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    (Original post by Promise07)
    Hey guys I have an interview at Oxford Street on the 9th of august as well...I am so the Regent Street store a new one or not ? please reply asap..thanks x

    Hey There was just wondering how your interview went and what it involved ive got mine tmrw.
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    I'm not sure how helpful this will be seeing as a lot of people have already had their interview. But I had my interview at uniqlo about a month ago, all went well and I now work at uniqlo.
    I had a telephone interview at first and got told instantly that I had succesfully passed the telephone interview stage and that they would like me to come in for an interview (recruitment day event). I didnt dress too casually, but I wore smart casual, as I was told on the phone that I had to dress to represent the company - hope that helps. We had an icebreaker at first to break the ice and get to know others, then we had a company presentation. After, we had a group exercise which involved ranking different aspects of customer service and from there we were shortlisted. After being shortlisted we had to fill out an availability sheet on when we would be available to work and then we had a face to face interview.
    Questions asked were not the typical interview questions you would expect, but I guess every place is different.
    Advice I would give is just be prepared for any type of question and don't be too nervous. Be yourself and hope for the best! Good luck and hope this has helped!
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    9 people group interview. just went to one and didnt get it in the space of 20minutes. compete bull****, to my recognition i dont think i did anything wrong! only did one ****ty activity which took 5 minutes and was pretty simple and no offence; noone could even speak fluent english. wasnt confident nor was i shy, very angry ! life goes on...
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    hi guys,

    I know this thread is quite old but i was just wondering if anyone could give me tips as to what to include in my covering letter for uniqlo?



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Updated: July 14, 2013
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