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How to chat up a bird at a nightclub?

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    Hi, just wondering folks because it kinda gets to me lol. Basically, whenever i go clubbing, i find it really hard to pull a girl. I would say i am a confident guy, but its not so much the confidence, its basically what to say.
    Obviously im aware girls would have so many guys after them on one night after one thing lets say, and they are only going to think boys are telling them what they want to hear.
    What is the "technique" or "way to approach" a girl which would catch their eye?

    Girls and guys welcome to comment. Looking forward to hear responses from the ladies particularly as im aware you have all been in a situation in a club where you are thinking in your mind, please go away lol.

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    My first suggestion would be to not refer to them as "birds".
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    Not calling them a bird is a good start I think.

    Edit: Damn, beat me too it.
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    yeah dont call them a bird, i tend to go with the word chick lol
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    Don't call women birds. First pieice of advice.

    Edit: - Beaten to it
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    (Original post by ScottScott)
    Not calling them a bird is a good start I think.

    Edit: Damn, beat me too it.
    hahaha i was going to say the same thing.
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    hey chick, nice feathers!
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    want my advice: don't try.

    just be natural, try to find out what you've got in common, have a chat about it, buy her another drink, make fun of some people in the club/bar, have a laugh, buy her another drink, promise to get together someday to go for lunch, swap phone numbers, make a date, buy another drink, say its too loud to have a conversation, go somewhere quieter... like her place? nuff said
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    Tweet tweet! "fancy nibbling on my nuts?" Tweet tweet!
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    Try thinking about them as real people rather than a 'bird' whose feathers you want to ruffle. Talk to them and not at them and listen to them. And if they tell you to go away then do!
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    i like to take a bird whistle onto the floor and start flapping my arms
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    that's it, everyone get the bird jokes out of their system, then you can actually try to answer the question?
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    Umm, a non-ornocologistic point, go and dance with them, see how it goes from there. No words needed my man.
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    You could try chatting them up somewhere else instead! How the hell can you chat somebody up in a club anyway without the very unromantic approach of yelling in their ear, surely its too loud?
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    "Hi, do you want a drink? I'll buy you as many as you like..."

    That's the best start.....Blow AAALLLLL your money for nothing.
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    your mating call obviously
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    (Original post by GodspeedGehenna)
    My first suggestion would be to not refer to them as "birds".
    Couldn't agree more!
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    ok thanks for the bird jokes. erm, focusing more on the important part of the OP. . . .
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    catch them at the bar where you can (normally) hear what each other has to say. Just comment on her drink or something stupid to start the conversation, it doesn't have to be clever, just something that gets you in there, so to speak
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    Seeing as no-one's mentioned it, you shouldn't call them birds. That might help...
Updated: July 31, 2008
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