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Cock piercing

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    Hi, I want to get my cock pierced but I'm not really sure where. Where are the safest/best places to do it?
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    1) don't do it!
    2) camden, the best tattoo/piercing place i know is next to criminal damage on the high street.
    3) good luck, make sure you follow their safety advice to a tee!
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    At the tip
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    Wont that hurt who ever is on the other end of it....?
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    (Original post by girlxoxo)
    Wont that hurt who ever is on the other end of it....?
    actually it is supposed to feel very good.
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    apparantly not ,apparantly lenny kravitz has a prince albert and it's very stimulating for the laydeezz....... nontheless, don't do it!
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    Do be sure to warn the laydeez beforehand, if you know what I mean.

    Bit of an unpleasant shock otherwise *shudder*
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    How does having a chunk of metal through your bell-end feel pleasurable?
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    I'm trained in that field of work. Come to Bristol, I'm sure we can sort something out.
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    [QUOTE=Noémie]1) don't do it!QUOTE]

    But I want to pierce my cock. .
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    ffs dont do it!
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    I don't have a cock, but ouch.
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    Somewhere you trust, which is professional, and smells clean of that sterilizing stuff.

    I was lucky when i got my nipple pierced cos i had to go out of town, to a tattoo and piercing studio i didnt know, but had got told about it. It didnt smell all too clean but its all good.
    Im just gonna be more careful when i go to get my clit pierced cos who knows.

    If i knew the places around your area i'd advise. But i dont really...Unless you wanna travel to Brighton where i got my nipple done lol.
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    The Piercing Shop in Taunton!
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    Anywhere but here.
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    Why the hell would anyone get this done?????????
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    (Original post by Noémie)
    actually it is supposed to feel very good.

    Ohhhh. Feels like what exactly....? A scraping sensation...??
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    Its not suppost to hurt, as that region is built for pleasure and not pain, regardless i wouldnt have it done, i have piercings but none below my ears and wouldnt go any lower!
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    A little bit of me died inside after i read that.
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    Seanisonfire has one.. And both nipples, it looks great do it!
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