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Things to eat after a sickness bug. :(

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    Hey guys,

    I had my first sickness bug yesterday since I was a little girl. I'm ok today and I've done the dry cereal/toast etc phase of eating, but I'm still hungry.

    Is it wise to just go back to ordinary eating patterns (I don't eat particularly healthy! Things like chips, sausages etc are standard for me) so soon, or should I stick to munching my way through the most boring packet of plain digestives in the world?

    (Basically, I want real fod! But I don't want to be sick again! )
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    Follow the BRAT(T)Y diet!

    Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast (Tea) Yogurt

    Just that for around three days and you'll be as good as new!
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    Applesauce???? odd

    I think be guided by your appetite, you will instinctively know if something will agree with you or not. Go easy on the dairy though
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    Yeah, it's got loads of pectin in it which is good for diarrhea apparently.
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    Avoid greasy stuff - your stomach lining takes longer to recover than you do (you get a new one every seven days, so that's a good time scale to work to). Lots of fluids, mind the dairy, and keep to relatively dry foods like toast and biscuits.
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    diarolite? Is that how it's spelt? It's what the doc gave me when I was puking at Reading last year :yep:

    Drink as much water as you can but toast was always the best thing when I was a kid
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    Keep your liquids up!


    - marmite on toast
    - macroroni cheese

    Sugary stuff is likely to make you feel worse- why not have a satsuma (vit C)
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    Don't eat too much milky stuff if your mucusy- and if you've got the runs fruit juice will make it horribly worse. If you really cannot live without the stuff- dilute it 1/10.
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    the applesauce is american apple sauce not english one that you put on your roast dinner! lol
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    Lucozade works well for settling the stomach, as does flat Diet Coke.
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    I wouldn't have anything dairy like Milk etc.

    Tomato Soup, Or any soup really!
    Snack-A-Jacks, or crisps, but don't over do it.

    Basically anything that's not challenging!
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    My GP said to eat little and often (not that he knows what it is causing it).

    I'm sitting here staring at half a pizza which I really, really don't want. What the hell is wrong with me. I love pizza.
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    *sighs* My question really spun from the need to know whether I can go out for a steak meal tonight or not.

    Guess that's off the cards then. :rolleyes: xD

    Thanks guys.

    ... Back to the digestives.
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    Pineapple tomatoes? they where the first kinda things i eat after I'm ill
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    boiled plain potatoes
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    I think lucozade works wonders and the fizz kills anymore of the virus. So ive been told by my mate who is very trust worthy. And believe it or not sasage rolls and plain soups high in suger but gluten free . Hope this helps. Im suffering big at the minute :-(:-(


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