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a part time job in the sex industry.

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    I have chosen to post anonymously as I am well aware there are people who object to this industry, and I'd prefer not to get personal prolonged abuse. Also, I do unfortunately get enough PMs from people asking for sex anyway. I wouldn't like to increase this number per day by choice.

    I have been looking for a job since I was 13.
    At that age all I could have gotten was a paper route but as I live in a big village with only a couple of newsagents the jobs were sparse and I never got there in time to even apply.
    At 16 I started looking for a job in a shop, in catering, at the local football ground, cleaning, waitressing, anything. Never got one, I suppose due to my lack of experience - I have the qualifications to do pretty much any 16-year-old's part time job so that wasn;t the problem I hope. I mean, I only ever got one interview and I send/give out CVs every week.

    Anyway, I suppose what I'm getting at is that the job I've always WANTED to do but never thought I COULD do was work in the sex industry.
    I have enquired about working in a lap dancing club but the nearest ones to me are too far to get back from late at night and I wouldn't want to make my parents give me a lift at 2am from a strip club :P
    I don't want to work in a brothel as I am concerned about the heightened risk of rape and the hygiene standards.

    SO to cut a long story short, I have enquired at a few phone sex lines. The pay sounds very good (about £8/9 per hour) and as one uses ones own landline the calls are free, and I'd only be doing it from the home phone temporarily as one gets a company phone after about a month. I shan't go into the obvious details but I'm good at it and I have read up on it so know the dos and donts and what to say and what to not say etc etc etc.

    What do you think of doing this job? Would you run a mile? Would you be worried it would put you off sex altogether? Would it put you off sex altogether? What would you think of a girl who did this?
    Boys, would you get upset if your girlfriend did this for a job? Would you get turned on?!?!
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    Good on ya, it's what i say. Some people don't have jobs because they cannot be bothered you are trying as long as you are comfortable with it go for it. Just a tip: When using your landline i'd suggest that noone else answers it........
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    phone sex sounds dirty but money is money
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    There must be other, better jobs out there that you could do. Are you still only 16? Working on a phone sex line sounds tedious more than anything...
    But then again it sounds a million times better than working in a brothel or lap dancing club.
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    If it makes you happy do it, but i wouldn't go out with a girl who's done that, but that's just me.
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    Make me ya third client

    ( i wouldnt go near a girl who has done that sorta stuff though, but thats me)
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    Is using the landline a good idea? Having a parent pick the phone up could be interesting to say the least.
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    OMG what if your dad rang up?

    Yeah, anyway go for it. :yep:
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    Personally it wouldn't bother me if it were just over the phone. I wouldn't mind if my girlfriend were to do it but it wouldn't turn me on. Sounds like a good rate of pay too.
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    i wouldnt mind being a phone sex line attendant. Pay seems pretty great for doing relatively little. Do you get a script or just make it up on your own?

    also has anyone seen the film "spun" where Debby Harry (blondie) cameos as a phone sex person. Hilarious

    edit: my mums friend once worked as a receptionist in a brothel until a prostitute threw a plasma tv at her. (Thought it was worth a mention).
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    I saw this on the WI program last night. You'll only get £6-8 ph if you're taking calls non-stop, it's total bs from the looks of it and you get some right freaks ringing up. If you're fit you could move to Nevada and do some work there I guess...
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    It's better than being a prostitute or stripper but I'd be pretty put off a girl that does that.

    Also I'd suggest you be mentally strong because not only will you probably lose faith in males but you may struggle to be intimate with a guy genuinely.

    The minute you start making yourself an object, the more you'll fulfill that role.
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    A) If you're not 18 yet, I don't think this is legal
    B) 8-9 pounds an hour isn't even that much money
    C) Your job will put off a lot, if not all, of potential boyfriends
    D) If your friends or people in your neighborhood find out, you will have to live with an awful reputation.
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    If all you did was anonymous phone work I wouldn't necessarily be put off. It does sound like ridiculously easy money and it's quite cool to be exploiting a bunch of desperate perverts. If you did any more than that, like stripping, not to mention prostitution, you would never see me again.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    What would you think of a girl who did this?
    Boys, would you get upset if your girlfriend did this for a job? Would you get turned on?!?![/B]

    If a girl told me thats their job, I would find it kind of kinky.
    If I find out my girlfriend has been doing it for a long time, then er... I'd be pretty freaked out. (And maybe a little turned on too).

    Oh, and make me your fourth customer!
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    Go for it if you want, money is money and in all honesty its not too difficult, I'd suggest get a good book and have a read while your working. Seriously, I used to know this 60 year old woman who worked on a sex line with her best friend and they used to sit and knit while they answered the sex line. Also, i don't think its a nasty as you imagine, as apparantly most men don't even talk on these things because they cum after about 30 seconds as the excitment is too much!
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    8-9 quid is pretty good i must say. i think it's twice the minimum wage? it still is a lot for just talking on the phone. good on you i say if you're comfortable.
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    I think 16 (if that's how old you still are) seems way too young to be doing this job. I don't have anything against it in a moral sense (if you were 35, I'd say do it) but do you really need the money that badly? Something just seems a bit creepy about a young girl chatting to men while they beat off.
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    theres nothing wrong with this, its not like ur getting ****ed

    some girls do this kind of thing and dont even get paid for it

    surely all u do is sit there and say oohhh baby
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    Don't see the point in phone sexlines. But go ahead... just pray they don't trace your number and come find you at home.
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