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Things to do while still a teenager

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    (Original post by marshmallow88)
    It just occurred to me that I only have 39 days left as a teenager, which tbh, frightens me a little bit. So any suggestions of things you could/should do while still a teenager?
    Don't worry, you can now spend the rest of your life talking through the fur you've got in your back trouser pocket. Gets better, another few years after that you'll be discussing the best biscuits to suck and telling your chums how embarassed you were pissing at your grandchild's party.

    In the mean time to ease off the pain, listen to some of this.
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    Tie a huge cheese to the top of your car and drive around town with a loudspeaker blasting out Radio 1.
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    Urinate onto your food before you eat it for a whole day
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    a massive **** off house party.

    or just chill out reflecting on your life and achievements :p:
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    Ditto the punch a whale one.

    It's necessary.
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    (Original post by moose88)
    search free hugs on youtube... thats awesome

    when you get older it just seems creepy,

    oh btw im turning 20 in like 2 days, so yeh what can i do in 2 days lol
    Welcome to :tsr2: noticing you're a new member If you need anything just ask me
    Happy birthday for Wednesday :birthday:
    Hmmm things to do in two days... all of the above really, and walk up to old people in a hoodie, act drunk with a bottle of whisky or some other alcoholic drink in your hand, and say, in an intimidating voice "I'm a teenager, do I scare you?" Of course you can't do that after Wednesday
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    Pretend that your the milk carton from Blurs music video 'Coffee & TV'.

    For a full day.
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    Throw a strop, because you can..
    Storm off from your friends or Mum , because you can (doing this while 25 is not acceptable, I'd imagine)

    Get completely absorbed and consumed by someone who's going to **** on your heart , and cry about it because they never texted you back. I can't imagine any other age when you can do that without appearing to be riddled with emotional problems.
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    hibernate in your room playing really loud and depressing music. invest in gothic/mosher clothes and keep mentioning to everyone how "life is so unfair" and quote depressing poetry about how life is crap :yep:
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    fart loudly on the bus. point at the nearest pensioner and walk slowly off the bus:woo:
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    Spend all your money on useless crap and/or on going out.

    Drink chocolate milk.

    Rave or sing in your bedroom to some crappy music.

    Eat unhealthily.

    That's how I'm currently spending my last year as a teen, there's nothing better.
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    fart next to an old lady on tube and laugh in her face from zone 1 to 6
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    dont talk just grunt and point at things-it seems to be how my brother communicated through his teenage years
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    :rofl: Haha some of these suggestions really make me laugh.

    Um, I think you should go on myspace and post a bulletin complaining about how your life is so terrible/you really hate someone/how you have no picture comments.

    In real life...you should...sit and look moody. And then older people will pass by and say "Oh it's okay, he's a teenager". :yep:
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    hug everyone you see on the street .. nowadays you have to be below a certain age to do that... =/
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    Happy slap some OAPs

    Be agressive to some strangers and call others your 'bre'

    spend a whole day, midnight to midnight playing videogames

    Use clingfilm as a condom and be surprised when you get pregnant.


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Updated: August 4, 2008
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