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If successful we will contact you 3wks of closing date? HELP

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    I applied for a job, well a few and I'm starting to realise how long some of them take to reach back to me for an interview. I.e i applied for Superdrug and they had the nerve to contact me 4 weeks later for an interview, expecting me to still be enthusiastic.

    Anywho, lets get to the point. I applied for this job and I still havent heard back, I applied on the 20th of July and the closing date was the 21st of July 2015. Mind you today is the 28th ( 4 days after closing) Now on the day I applied I received an email which stated "If successful in being shortlisted for interview we will contact you within 3 weeks of the application closing date." Can someone explain that to me, does it mean they will contact potential candidates 3 weeks before the closing date, or after. I'm seriously freaking out.

    I'm really desperate for a job and feel like a total failure not having found one at such a peak time and summer is nearly over. I know my CV/ Cover Letter is not the problem as I did bag a few interviews , some which i didn't attend as the jobs were really far from where i lived,plus i had no interest in doing the particular job i.e catering. I wish i would've gone to all my interviews now.

    Also, I always seem to get shortlisted until i have to do an online assessment which always ruin my chances 😪. Will I still be contacted for that job or not , I really want to know so i can start preparing interview questions for potential employers. 😔
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    It will be 3 weeks after the closing date. Sometimes they will wait right until the end as well.

    I once received a telephone call a month later asking was I still interested in the job and was I looking for P/T or F/T. Hardly remembering the job as I had applied for dozens after I said 'F/T but would be open to P/T'. 'Oh. Because this role is P/T'. Still recieved an actual interview but that was naff as well with being told 'I can't tell you much about the role as its for a position in a new card shop that the company (WH Smith) had acquired but hadn't publically announced.' That was a complete waste of time.

    One top tip for applying for jobs, focus more on the applications you are sending with the roles you want. They is no point applying for a job which really you would have no interest in accepting.


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Updated: July 28, 2015
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