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How much Staff discount at John Lewis

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    Does anyone know how much staff discount you get at john lewis and can you use it for buying electrical products and also can the employees family use the card?

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    I think you get 30% on small things, and on large appliances it's 10-15%.

    Not sure about the other part though...
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    After 3 or 4 months you get 'yellow discount' this is 12% on everything in john lewis and waitrose.

    After 12 months you get 'red discount' this is 25% on everything non-electrical in john lewis. Waitrose and electrical items still only get 12% discount.

    Your family are not allowed to use the card, you can only use it for items that YOU yourself are using, therefore if you are buying something for someone else you are not allowed to claim discount on it. There are a lot of other rules as well that I have forgotten now - they are quite strict though.

    You can however apply for someone to become your 'nominated beneficiary', basically you put in the application, it takes a year to process and that person can then use your discount as well providing certain criteria is met. For example, you are living with your girlfriend, you apply to make her your 'nominated beneficiary' then after 12 months if it has been approved they ask you if you still want them to have access to your discount card, then they are issued with their own discount card I think.

    As I said they are pretty strict and misuse usually ends up with the perpetrators losing their jobs.
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    (Original post by 786Angel786)
    Does anyone know how much staff discount you get at john lewis and can you use it for buying electrical products and also can the employees family use the card?
    It is 12.5% on electrical items (even if you have the red card). And family members can't use the card. You can only use it to purchase items for yourself and your dependants (you can use it for purchasing gifts - but it does have to be using your money).
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    Although they won't realise if you're getting stuff for someone else unless you're a ******...

    Yeah, personal experience. I've given my currys/subway discounts out to people before...

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