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Thorpe park or Alton Towers

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    I live in london, which would be better as a way to celebrate A-levels... and i have a car so i can drive
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    With current petrol prices, thorpe park.
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    Thorpe park would be best if the weather will be hot, but either way they both have their good and bad points. You should toss a coin for it
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    Never been to Thorpe Park so Alton Towers
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    Alton Towers :yy:
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    I would say both. I like Thorpe Park's rides, but I also like Alton Tower's rides. I'd have to choose Alton Towers though I guess. But whichever one you go to, none of them will disappoint
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    follow up q, how long will it take to drive from N london, on a weekday morning
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    A six page thread complete with a poll
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    Alton Towers is ace...not been for a while but last time we went was the hottest day of the year and we stood around for hours waiting to get on rides.
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    i went twice in the space of two months i love it.
    and staying in splash landing hotel was so goodddd.
    Thrope Park is good for a day out..i suppose but i live right next to it..so it get boring.
    alton tower is amazing..ROAD TRIP.
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    alton towers is the better theme park

    but thorpe park is a lot closer
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    Thorpe Park is good, the queues aren't as bad as they are at Alton Towers.

    Stealth > Rita
    Nemesis Inferno > Nemesis
    Slammer > Ripsaw
    X: No Way Out > Hex

    Colossus is also good, although TP is missing the equivalent Air or Oblivion so if you want these rides, it has to be Alton Towers.
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    Alton Towers, becuase I got stuck in the banana ride at Thorpe Park many years ago. :ninja:
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    Thorpe Park, short que's we qued up for collosus for 20 minutes, got to go on all the main rides, longest we waited was probabaly 45 minutes, which isnt bad. plus it was scorching hot that day,
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    Alton Towers! Two different parks! Either the normal rollercoasty park or the water park to choose from on a hot day.
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    (Original post by musti123)
    follow up q, how long will it take to drive from N london, on a weekday morning
    I drive from Ickenham, and it takes me about 30/40 mins in rush hour, so not too long.
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    (Original post by tinkerbellejess)
    I drive from Ickenham, and it takes me about 30/40 mins in rush hour, so not too long.
    that to thorpe park i presume
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    Distances aside, I can't believe anyone would think that Thorpe Park is better than Alton Towers! Don't get me wrong, TP is a great little place, but it just doesn't compare to AT.
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    Been to both and wasn't bowled over by Thorpe Park - my vote goes to Alton Towers.


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Updated: August 11, 2008
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