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Offical Freshers '08

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    (Original post by FullyITFC)
    First year student?
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    To complete what I think Mark was getting at where abouts u staying at Aspley ?
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    I'm going to Huddersfield Uni to do a foundation degree in ICT, staying at home as it's my local university.

    Looking forward to it as I've been through clearing.

    Just need to confirm my place but when I have, I'll be going come September time.
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    (Original post by Quantum_Flux)
    To complete what I think Mark was getting at where abouts u staying at Aspley ?
    Little Aspley. But I'm not exactly going to just state publicly the exact room.
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    Hey, I'm Emma

    I'm starting Music Bmus in september and staying in Storthes - very excited!
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    Accepted and Def going.
    Studying Transport Design
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    going into my second year of Computer Games Programming, its awsome :]
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    i'm not a first year, but i'm looking forward to freshers week

    oh, and i'll be starting my third and final year of media & print journalism.
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    Accepted and Going

    Im doing Computer Games Design and im staying at Little Aspley Hall
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    i'm doing music tech + audio systems
    might be moving to software development though

    staying at storthes ^_^
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    I'm Matt.

    I'm taking Music Technology and Audio Systems.

    Staying at Storthes Hall (I'm typing this from my room!) Moved in this morning
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    (Original post by tobys)
    Accepted and going! Doing Music Technology and Audio Systems BSc

    Toby is my name, bring on September!
    Had to edit! read the rest of the thread, and realised there are loads of us music techies!

    Guessing I'll meet you all at some point.
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    (Original post by emmah2107)
    Hey, I'm Emma

    I'm starting Music Bmus in september and staying in Storthes - very excited!
    Sorry to go off topic, but that avatar is genius!
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    Jealous of all you Freshers! Good Luck and Enjoy.
    I'm going into my 3rd and final year of Sports and Health Studies...Graduation in 10months AAARGGHHHH!!


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Updated: September 17, 2008
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