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AS level re-marking experiences

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    Can people who have "been there and done it", so to speak! give their experience of having AS level papers re-marked where perhaps they were only a couple of marks off of the next grade up. Did many people get marked down as a result instead of going up as they had hoped, and in general, was it all worthwhile?? :confused:
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    oh my gosh I'm in the same predicament atm as I'm 1 mark off a B for maths and 1 mark off an A for music!!

    Any help appreciated.. anyone?
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    la la la liane, I feel your pain!! good luck, I am sure it will all come good in the end! What instrument do you play?
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    piano and classical-ish vocals.. I'm sooooo retaking the performance paper!! I take it u do music as well?
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    im 6ums of a b in psychology and dont know whether to resit it or remark it
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    (Original post by sd91)
    im 6ums of a b in psychology and dont know whether to resit it or remark it
    We had problems with a January Psychology paper in my college, noone got an A, people predicted As got Cs and everyone was at least one grade lower than expected, the college gave a few students papers who were predicted As and Bs but got Us and Es remarked, they came out allot higher and subsequently everyone in my class got theirs remarked aswell, I went from a high C to a good B, i think it was 5 marks i went up, most others either went up or stayed the same

    Our teacher entered most of us for resits, everyone ready to go until 1 week before the exam, we got our new results

    Id have a chat with my teacher and find out if others expected higher, ask to be entered for a resit and if you feel youve been robbed by the markers ask for a photocopy
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    Last year I got my Business Studies BUS3 paper remarked as I unexpectedly got an E (was hoping for an A). It increased by 30 marks after to a C, just giving me enough marks to make the AS grade an A
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    (Original post by la la la liane...)
    piano and classical-ish vocals.. I'm sooooo retaking the performance paper!! I take it u do music as well?
    yay music people! I got 100% in the listening paper.. How the HELL did that happen. I thought i screwed it up.
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    I'm 1 ums off a B in maths. And 2 ums off a B in chemistry, should I get them remarked?
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    6 UMS off a B (i was predicted an A ). im requesting the paper back and then seeing if its worth a remark
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    Last year for AS english literature A (AQA) for unit 1 everyone in our year bar 2/3 people got a C or worse and our teachers asked for the whole year to be remarked, but only a few people's marks went up by 5 UMS points, while everyone else's marks stayed the same.
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    I've got geography re-marked as i was 2UMS from an A so hopefully, that will go up
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    Like Louisdf - (and by the way, I've probably posted this everywhere on TSR!) our entire year had to have their papers remarked after the majority of us were given Ds, Es and Us on one or two papers. In the end, we had to have two remarks, because the person who'd marked them originally didn't want to raise many grades above a C. Thankfully mine went up from a U to an A (as you've probably read elsewhere, when I was raging about it last year) but loads of other people had to resit the papers, even though our teachers had read through the scripts and though them worthy of Bs at least. Of course, everyone came out with mainly As in the resits! Tch AQA.

    Edit: AQA English Lit btw.
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    Hmm... How do you get the papers remarked? Can you resit them aswell? I got some really strange results (A high B and U in the same subject :confused: the U was for coursework which, after checking the marking scheme, had everything I needed to get a good grade) I'm so confused. I was expecting poor grades, but that was just baffling.
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    (AS) I'm 3 UMS of a Physics B, but was hoping for an A... same dilemma

    I've just paid to get my script back... My advice is get your script's back, my teacher will go through it, and with years of experience will mark it and see what I should have got
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    I am getting 3 modules remarked. I am getting one psychology paper remarked because I am 4 marks away from an A. I am also getting two geography modules remarked, i need 7 marks altogether to get me up to an A. What do you think my chances are?
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    Well im 2 ums from an A in geography and i jumped right in yesterday and paid to get unit 2 (human paper) re-marked without taking anything into consideration as i was sure i had got an A in that module rather than just scraping a B. So hopefully our results will go up. I read on the BBC news website from like 2006 i think that of the 55,000 AS papers sent to be re-marked, only 7,000 saw an actual change in the mark (for the better and for the worse).
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    I got a remark for a computer science module last year. It went from a high C (about 2/3 marks off a B) to a high B! I was a bit baffled as to how I could go from a C to practcally and A but hey ho
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    There's a certain strategy to remarks.

    First, consider the subject. Essay subjects are generally quite liquid in marks while maths and sciences aren't. Even if you put down many good points in an essay, many other factors ranging from handwriting to the examiner having a bad day can bring you down. Maths, of course, isn't affected nearly as much and it could well be the case that your grade contains lots of benefit-of-doubts. If you're more than about 2UMS off in Maths, I would not advise getting a remark at all, but rather a retake. Maths modules tend to build on each other so you are likely to be in a better position when retaking, but it's up to you. The point I'm trying to make is that you shouldn't really be trying to scrape an A at AS.

    Second, consider how the UMS has added up to give you the grade you have; is it one module dragging the rest down, or are all of them averaging out? In the former scenario, the decision is easy. If you feel the module grade is (very) misrepresentitive of how you feel your exam went, you should go for a remark. If you feel the mark is unfair but have doubts about how well you've done, get a photocopy first and go over it with your teacher- better to spend £10 rather than lose £40 and some marks. If all modules are a bit iffy, seek advice from your teacher.

    From experience, here's some speculation of your 'chances', although a photocopy seriously wouldn't go amiss:
    'I'M OUTRAGED WTF ARE YOU DOING [AQA/Edexcel/OCR]' = 70%+. e.g. My Computing coursework exam C to A.
    'That's a bit low, isn't it?' = 50%, but probably by only a few UMS marks.
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    at AS grades dont really matter its the UMS that counts and one UMS extra at AS isn't really worth a re mark nd don't forget your grades can go down!

    Remarks should only really be used if your really shocked like my friend got a D when she was expecting a B she had it remarked and it went up to an A !!
Updated: August 26, 2012
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