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PEST for Cadburys

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    Has anyone got a completed PEST analysis for cadburys??
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    Nope, plus you should do PESTEL, it's all the rage these days.
    Enivromental and Legal
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    Yeah, about a year ago, but i don't know where it is...
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    This is what i wrote for my cousework, i recieved an A for this!

    POLITICAL – (info as to what is means)

    · Political decisions can affect Cadbury’s, these can be either advantages or disadvantages, if taxes increase, therefore consumers decrease and sales of stock decrease. However if taxes decrease the likelihood is consumers will buy more.
    · Laws can also change Cadbury’s income because if a law was brought out, that you could only work from 9am till 5pm, factory hours would be cut short resulting in less chocolates being produced.
    · The Government is very concerned about obesity. Heart problems are costing the NHS more each year.

    ECONOMIC – (info as to what is means)

    · The interest rates can have an affect on Cadbury’s. If the interest rates were high then Cadbury would not want to borrow as much money for expansion. Also if consumers themselves were under pressure due to their loans they would again have less disposable income to buy luxury items.
    · If the minimum wage was brought down, this would mean more money for Cadbury’s but would also result in low sales from the consumers.

    SOCIAL – (info as to what is means)
    · Trend in snacking – increase in people eating on the ‘go’ (Vending machines)
    · Local residents with small businesses near Cadbury’s World would benefit from the money that is being brought in by visitors.
    · More people are health conscious – will read ingredient content.

    TECHNOLOGICAL – (info as to what is means)

    · Better equipment
    · Cost of machinery
    · New machinery
    · Maintenance
    (Elaborate on these points...)
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