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The 'I'm Coming to Exeter' Thread

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    (Original post by lmcorr)
    Wow lots of fresh Law peeps!

    Look forward to your lectures with Tettenborn, they will be the highlight of your week :-)
    :p: I can't believe that I'm this excited about 3 years of hard work!
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    (Original post by happyswimmer07)
    Hello! I am coming to Exeter to do Economics as well!
    Hello! Coooool. Then we will definitely see each other in a month and a half
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    (Original post by Emzy-Lou)
    :p: I can't believe that I'm this excited about 3 years of hard work!
    Trust me its the most fun you'll ever have!
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    Accounting and Finance for me!

    :woo: :woo: :woo:
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    I'm doing BSc Physics yayy!
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    And here was me thinking you were going to be doing Maffs =[

    'Grats though =P
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    I am coming
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    im going...

    final yeah! Holy moly
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    Me too

    Can't wait to meet everyone!!
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    Awwwww mr_jr...I remember when you turned up as an ickle fresher! *nostalgia*
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    (Original post by CocoBean)
    Me too

    Can't wait to meet everyone!!
    Congratulations! Glad to see they accepted you then!
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    *remembers helping mr_jr with his maths A Levels* now hows that for nostalgia =P

    Oh yeah, I'm coming back this year xD
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    I just got my accommodation offer! Yay! Cook Mews here I come! .
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    (Original post by ForAllOfThis)
    Congratulations! Glad to see they accepted you then!
    Haha thanks!! Such a relief
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    I got into saint davids! Yay.

    They wan't me to pay a 300 pound deposit by 2nd september though. Seems abit unfair to give me like 2 weeks to find £300 out of nowhere. Sigh.

    Kinda wish I'd put laffy as my first choice now. Ah well im sure Saint Davids will be pretty good.
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    unfortunatly it's a 300 quid deposit everywhere you go in uni accommodation
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    (Original post by Ahacoh)
    unfortunatly it's a 300 quid deposit everywhere you go in uni accommodation
    Really? None of my friend have been asked for a 300 pound accomodation deposit who are going to different universities.
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    Ah I'm sorry I meant Exeter Uni accommodation. Most universities do though for instance when I was at Manchester the deposit was £150. Exeter's deposit is quite high altho in most cases you'll get it back. For instance my friend was not fined at all for denting his wall in the reasonably new Holland hall and our flat went through 3 fridge freezers without any charges
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    We all got our deposits back - when we payed our accommodation charges we took £100 off the bill, to get part of out deposit back =] I also took like £70 off from my bursary =]


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Updated: April 17, 2016
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