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The 'I'm Coming to Exeter' Thread

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    I'm coming to Exeter wooo! For medicine, so I'm gonna be at St Lukes campus. I got Rowancroft Court. Any other St Lukes people?
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    arabic for moi! anyone else? x
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    (Original post by angelofmusic101)
    arabic for moi! anyone else? x
    Yeah, me. Starting in 2009 though.
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    ooo thats cool! il be in the middle east when u start then! x
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    Will be going to exeter :-) hehee to do english lit---@ UECC though but i dont mind coz what's not to love about having awesome beaches near you?!? hahahaa
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    im in! for french and spanish
    james owen court for accomodation. i cant wait!
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    When is freshers week?
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    I'm Comming.. teehee. Going to Be a Scary Postgrad and do my Primary PGCE in Science at St Lukes.
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    (Original post by Jibzy)
    When is freshers week?
    Sat 27th Sept - Sun 5th Oct.

    Awesome course, by the way.
    You'll enjoy State and Economy with John Maloney. I would recommend that module to any Economists not doing the Politics.
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    (Original post by hayleybendle)
    im in! for french and spanish
    james owen court for accomodation. i cant wait!
    I shall see you around then as I'm also in for French and Spanish I'm Welsh as well :cool:
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    (Original post by Ahacoh)
    Ah I'm sorry I meant Exeter Uni accommodation. Most universities do though for instance when I was at Manchester the deposit was £150. Exeter's deposit is quite high altho in most cases you'll get it back. For instance my friend was not fined at all for denting his wall in the reasonably new Holland hall and our flat went through 3 fridge freezers without any charges
    eek i've been allocated a TWIN room in Mardon , so I hope they don't trash anything!
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    (Original post by MathematicalMind)
    I'm doing BSc Physics yayy!
    See you there first day of class.

    Any Cook Mewers? There's got to be one person...
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    I'm in for Economics and staying at Point Exe, bit worried as hardly any photos/info about it - i just put it as a choice cause it's new and ensuite. Anyone there too?
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    There's a whole thread about Point Exe in this forum
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    (Original post by Ramble)
    See you there first day of class.

    Any Cook Mewers? There's got to be one person...
    Cook Mew = THE BEST xD Any questions feel free to ask ^.^
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    I'll be there!! =) Doing psychology and moving into Christow, St.Germans
    Looking forward to freshers!!
    Anyone else in the same accomodation?
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    (Original post by Sephrenia)
    Quadruple if you're going to be studying Maths
    oooh i'm going to be doing maths at Exeter!
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    Woop, well excited now!

    Studying Drama, living in Lafrowda!

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    woo Lafrowda Are you the one living in block R or am I thinking of someone else?
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    I'm in Block E.
    Was in the area the other day, so went up to have a sneak peak. Looked really nice, the campus is beautiful.

    Funny sight though, my dad and me sneaking around the building, having sneaky peaks into the rooms.

    Surprised they didn't call security to be honest!


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