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10 Greatest British Movies of the 21st Century

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    (Original post by Allthewayhome)
    Your kidding - LKS was a quality piece of quality cake.
    Nope, didn't enjoy it.
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    death at a furneral is pretty good
    and the history boys is my fav brit film
  3. Offline

    (Original post by Kink)
    Shaun Of The Dead is obviously better than Hot Fuzz which trades on the motifs and stuff first seen in Shaun. And I think the extras are much funnier.. lol. I think the extras on the Shaun DVD are the best ones ever seriously./QUOTE]

    But Shaun of the Dead also took a lot of inspiration from Spaced. Each thing they do tends to build on itself.

    And I have to agree, the extras are quite simply outstanding. I particularly love the flip chart they did back when they had the original idea, so we could see what bits survived or evolved. :yy:
    oh god spaced is probably one of the best shows on tv i wish they would bring it back ><
  4. Offline

    Shaun of the dead was an alright movie, but does it deserve to be on that list? No!
  5. Offline

    (Original post by diorbaby1687)

    oh god spaced is probably one of the best shows on tv i wish they would bring it back ><

    That it is. But then so was Fawlty Towers, the Office and Extras. The only thing they can achieve by bringing back Spaced is to tarnish the memory - people will never see it as good, regardless of how well it actually is.
  6. Offline

    I think the whole Pegg, Wright and Stevenson trio have evolved now...they won't go back.

    I think SotD does deserve to be in the bottom five right now...but I think in the future they'll definitely be some films to surpass it and knock it down. I mean, it's only been eight years..and I think the film does stand for British comedy right now.
  7. Offline

    No... Shaun...of...the...Dead...\

    Can't contain anger.

    I'd personally have it:

    10. Dog Solidiers
    9. Wallace and Gromit
    8. The Descent
    7. Casino Royale
    6. 28 Days Later
    5. Gosford Park
    4. Snatch
    3. The Last King of Scotland
    2. Shaun of the Dead
    1. This Is England
  8. Offline

    Best British Films is Bend It like Beckham............noting touches that!!

    Trainspotting is another good one tho!
  9. Offline

    Shaun of the Dead surely deserves to be on there? Got to be better than Hot Fuzz.

    Also, i would personally swap Dead Man's Shoes and This is England around..
  10. Offline

    (Original post by A is for Awesome)
    8. The Descent
    Now that is a quality film. :yep:
  11. Offline

    wow I didnt even know britian had produced 10 movies in the past 8 years
  12. Offline

    didn't really like sunshine but this is england was brilliant.
  13. Offline

    Morvern Callar.
  14. Offline

    Boy A was really good I thought.
  15. Offline

    Dead Man's, Green Street, This is England, Football Factory, Once Upon a Time in the Midlands.
  16. Offline

    Trainspotting should easily be on that list.
  17. Offline

    (Original post by DirtyHarry)
    Trainspotting should easily be on that list.
    As I said, Trainspotting isn't for everyone. It's a genre only a few enjoy.
  18. Offline

    Only a few people enjoy Trainspotting then?

    I don't think so.
  19. Offline

    Trainspotting is an excellent movie, however, doesn't deserve to be on the list as it wasn't made in the 21st century.

    Most definatley very high in the list of best British Film of all time.
  20. Offline

    (Original post by Little_Bear)
    Trainspotting is an excellent movie, however, doesn't deserve to be on the list as it wasn't made in the 21st century.

    Most definatley very high in the list of best British Film of all time.
    How dare you correct me. :mad:

    It seems I forgot about the 21st century thing.


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Updated: August 11, 2012
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