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Jade Goody Finds Out She Has Cancer- THE VIDEO

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    Damn, now This is reality
    Regardless of what she has done, who she is etc.. this is just heartbreaking.
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    Very sad, but a lot of people have cancer.
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    Is that Bachan's voice? :hmmmm:
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    Amazing what she would do for 'good press'. No matter how horrible cancer is, nobody allows footage of theirself being diagnosed with cancer to be broadcasted on television without wanting some sort of sympathy.
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    (Original post by Viridis)
    Is that Bachan's voice? :hmmmm:
    i think it might just be
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    Apologies if the answer is obvious or on the video, but I can't watch with sound

    I wonder, did this come as a result of a routine smear before she entered the house, or from a specific test she had done?

    Because if it were the smear, wouldn't she have needed to go back for more tests, rather than immediately being diagnosed with cancer?

    And if it was due to a specific test she had due to abnormality or suspicion, why would she then enter a Big Brother house?

    Anyone shed some light?
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    Sick publicity stunt?


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Updated: August 21, 2008
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