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Stabbing pain before period

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    This month 2 days before my period started, I got a terrible stabbing pain in my right side just above my hip bone. It was so bad I couldn't get up for 10 minutes and today that area still hurts like an aching pain. Is this normal or should I go to the doctor?

    Just to add in May I had my first period for 3 years but since May I haven't had that pain but before May 2008 I didn't have periods for a long time.

    I doesn't sound like it is normal so if you're worried I'd go to the doctors just to be on the safe side. I hope its nothing serious .

    It could be numerous things, but since it's before your period, it's probably most likely a GYN issue. Endometriosis, ruptured cysts, PCOS, fibroid tumors, hormonal imbalances the list goes on! It's probably nothing, (it could even just be really bad cramps!) but it's best to take a trip to your doctors to get checked out. ^_^

    Hey, it doesn't sound too serious...but it's best to get it checked!
    Cuz I've had tonnes of probs with mine, they were never regular, sometimes every 2 months, really weird! and once I got them for a month straight (Due to excessive amounts of stress), and I lost so much blood that I passed out! So I doubt it's anything like that...I was diagnosed with PCOS, and they put me on the pill and its all good now.

    Go get it checked. It's much better to go to the doctor's and be told it's nothing than to sit around stewing over it. You'll feel better once you know for sure!


    Ive had serious stabbing pains on my right hand side before. Although, it was nothing to do with my periods. The doc thought it was to do with my kidneys or something like that and so they sent me to have an ultrasound. I know though, that if you are stressed, then you can get really really bad stabbing pains. Might sound weird but I remember the doc saying that. If it happens again, then perhaps see a doc


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