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Best of Cyanide and Happiness

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    Post the best of Cyanide and Happiness
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    Lmao, just found this one:

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    lol, I love them all - one of my favourites is someones sig on TSR where the muggers are doing supermarket shopping. cba to find it though!
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    I can't find the one I'm thinking of (props to anyone who can!) but there's two doctors and it goes along the lines of:

    "Dude, watch me squeeze this woman's boob"

    the correct term is "breast" "

    It made me lol at the time.
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    Check out the old sig, under "Click me i'm hilarious" (click spoiler first)
    and avatar :cool:
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    I like my one best It was a gem that I found after clicking the "random" button about 50 times :p:
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    (Original post by moneyballs2)
    I like my one best It was a gem that I found after clicking the "random" button about 50 times :p:
    I tried to go through 'em all from present day to the first one, stumbled when i got to October 2006
    Though someone on here challenged me to get them all done by the end of the thanks for reminding me :p:
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    This one is just sick but too funny

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    (Original post by moneyballs2)
    I like my one best It was a gem that I found after clicking the "random" button about 50 times :p:
    Have to agree with you there, keep on seeing it a lot and laugh everytime I see it.

    Such good comics they are.
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    My favourite one ever is the second one in the third post of this thread.
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    I like the one in someone's sig where it starts off with "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" "-Which is strange for a tumour"
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    I tend to put the ones that I find funniest in my sig. This one below was the latest to tickle me enough to warrant being sig-worthy :awesome:

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    Hilarious :yep:
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    BOOBIES lol


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