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How should a 21 year old dress?

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    Haha, sorry for my second thread in a few minutes :p:

    Basically I can only dress like a 90s grungy teenager or middle aged woman. How does a 21 year old dress? I don't trust myself to buy things that won't look like their for teens
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    If you're hot; naked.
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    Look through some high street shops and that should give you an idea. But to anser your question: mainly casualy and fashionable, not to mention being trendy!
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    Now that I'm 20, I feel like I should ditch jeans...
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    (Original post by squid)
    If you're hot; naked.
    I've never had complaints :ninjagirl:
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    Pah this is so hard I'm trying to overhaul my wardrobe with about 300 pounds and I want to get all the right things because I usually just buy what's on sale so that I don't have to walk around naked but the clothes are never that nice :/
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    what do you mean how should a 21 year old dress, are there rules or something?
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    (Original post by happinessxo)
    what do you mean how should a 21 year old dress, are there rules or something?
    Yeah basically! I don't have a clue about fashion.

    What shouldn't a 21 year old wear? Maybe that's easier?
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    Depends on your style. 21's not exactly old so you can probably get away with 'teenage' clothes, as long as it's not like a 14 year old or something. You said 'grungy' so that suggests young teenager.

    But if you mean you're wanting to dress in a more 'grown-up' way, you could look at the way other people dress. Either people on the street or celebrities. Personally I always think Alexa Chung dresses nicely, she looks young but sophisticated I suppose. But that's just cos that's my style, you have to dress the way you want.
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    How about dressing how ever you want too?
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    Trendy always works.
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    dress however you want to i'm almost 20 and would never think "oh i have to dress more responsibly now" or anything. i'll dress in the clothes i think are lovely until i don't like them any more.
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    get rid of jeans??? how could you! my mum is 50 something and still wears them! lol. My older friends wear skinnies and heels when they go out. my 24 yr old friend waore a cute uber short tartan skirt last time we were out. im 18 and i ware an all over silver sequin dress last time i was out! i havnt grown up yet! lol
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    Jeans should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe, no matter how old you are.

    Wear whatever you like OP. There aren't any boundaries when you're 21 - dress to suit your mood, your style or your shape, the choice is totally yours.
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    Get rid of jeans at TWENTY?!!!!
    I intend to wear them until I find a more convenient alternative (nothing else goes with my wardrobe as well as jeans do. god. so I'll be wearing them for decades yet...)
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    (Original post by Elondra)
    Now that I'm 20, I feel like I should ditch jeans...
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    OP, I am exactly the same as you, 21 and can't seem to shake the grunge...
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    Try shirts? As in, not boring school shirts, but casual short-sleeved shirts and denim (is that the right word?) trousers.

    Am only suggesting the above because I've been wearing a blue (casual... nothing I'd wear to work or school) shirt and white trousers and it looks professionally smart without screaming out "teenager!" I kinda understood why women spend so long in clothes stores when you do realise you can change your demeanour and how others perceive you simply by dressing well... :p:

    PS: I'm 21 too.
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    Wear whatever you like.
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    straght casual ....let it be sex or just some fun!!!!!!!


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