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Average body size?

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    i'm a 6 and want to stay that way, but I wouldn't mind my boobs growing a bit and being an F cup. Duh!

    TSR won't give you the average of the population in the UK, since it's only young people here.
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    I'm 10/12.. more 12 nowdays. I'd probably like to be more of a size 10.. but not that bothered tbh, i like cake.
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    I don’t believe in all this average size stuff to be honest.
    As every person has a different body frame then to be a certain ‘size’ would still look or feel wrong to one, where and equal weight/height person could be fin with it.
    It is really dependant on where you fall within the body shape triangle (ecto/meso/endo and the combinations of each) along with genetics and body fat composition.

    For example an classic Meso shaped female may be for arguments sake 5’3 tall and weigh 9st with a body fat ratio of 15% but she will carry more muscle mass around her hips and buttocks and be a ‘larger size’ than her bodyfat would suggest.

    I come out at obese on the BMI scales due to being just under 18st at 6ft tall, however I have a 36inch waist and a bf of 13.5% which is quite low. This is where the BMI scale falls down as health critiques have admitted it is not designed to cope with anyone who exercises and may carry any muscle mass, notwithstanding the fact that it was about 80 years out of date (the information upon which it was based) when it came into medical practice some 80 years ago.

    Be happy with what you are and forget these averages, if you feel you want to loose some fat fine go ahead, if not don’t, just don’t accept at face value all this size crap that they post around, its total BS.
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    (Original post by ELSHA)
    i reckon if ur in the 8 - 14 bracket then thats pritty healthy,

    size 2, and 4, is rediculous,
    and who wants to have the body proportions of a six year old child.

    its what u make of ur figure that counts,
    Me, US size 0: 32-25-35

    Those are the proportions of a six year old? :rofl:

    You clearly don't know what proportions mean if you think you can tell anything about someone's proportions from their clothes size.
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    All girls put on some weight!!! Aim for size 14 or above!!! Easy!
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    i'm a size 8,and 5'8
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    (Original post by Fabregas1989)
    All girls put on some weight!!! Aim for size 14 or above!!! Easy!
    I'd be practically obese if I was a size 14. Charming.
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    Anything above a size 8 is just EEEEWWWW.
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    I think there is a lot of confusion for guys, and sometimes girls too, what a size 16 means, I know when I was a size 10 I had size 16 in my head as "elephant, jerry springer fat rolls everywhere , needs two bus seats" but then my weight crept up from size 10 to size 14/16, and i KNOW I am no where near that size I had in my head.

    Hey don't get me wrong I know im not "slim" i have a fair bit to grab onto, I just feel when the number 16 is written down peopel get this false image of a whale!

    Size 16 is about 5-6" larger than a size 10, all the way around, so about half a handspan on each side of you!
    my measurements are something like 42-36-40

    I think the delusion comes from people who are about a size 30 telling people they are an 18!

    So i do believe the average size is around 16, as i see a lot of people a lot bigger than me and a lot of people quite a bit smaller, and when i see people bigger than me, it isn't by an inch or two, it is as in about 2-3x the size, meaning they push that average up, as if someone was a 1/3rd the size of me they would have a waist of 12" and be dead(or very close!)

    I'd ideally like to be a size 12, i'm 5'8 and when I was size 10 felt like I was a bit overbalanced (my boobs are 34FF lol)
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    (Original post by MJ84)
    Anything above a size 8 is just EEEEWWWW.
    Apparantly women with more weight live longer.
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    tbf I think its only 16 because of the older women who have middle aged spread. I'm a 16 but well proprtioned, so I do not look my weight or size(my friends actually accused me of lying when I said my weight, and my other friend offered to lend me a size 12 top, in all seriousness!).
    Knowing what my body looks like as a size 10, I looked ill and gaunt even though I was eating perfectly healthily and exercising, so i would like to be a 12, that way I also get to keep my curves =]
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    I'm a size 10.
    I like it but wouldn't be too fussed if I was more than that really.
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    I am a size 6/8 Top and 8/10 Bottom.
    Love my size wouldn't mind being a bit thicker though.
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    I can believe 16 is the average but not the most popular size in clothes' stores. The average will be hugely dragged up by larger older ladies and very obese people. In reality shops sell out of 12s and 14s waaaay before they sell out of 16s. This is only from personal experience where in the absence of 12s I've (hopelessly) tried on 10s. So probably would want to be a 10 to save the issues. haha.
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    Love to be a 10
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    I'm 5.7 and a size 12 on bottom and a 10-12 on top. I wouldn't mind being a bit slimmer but I'm fairly happy with my figure.
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    Im size 6 =]
    I wouldn't mind being a bit bigger but tbh i dont really mind be size 6=]
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    I'd loveto know where these results/ claims were made about the average being size 16, I agree that there must be some element of truth, but where.
    I'm a size 10. My mums a size 12, but her twin sister is always buying size 16 clothes, although they are very similar, which i found interesting. Most of the people I know are size 8-12, and when ever I go into the sales all the size
    10s are gone, and I can't help but think its a popular size!
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    im size 8-10. thought size 14 was average???
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    I'm fairly sure there's a 'class divide' of some sort to do with weight. While I haven't seen any statistics (no have I looked for any) to this effect, at uni the msot common size is 8-10, but walking down the local high street is a fair bit bigger.

    Size 16 is rather large but it wouldn't surprise me. Can't say I 'subscribe' to any particular body shape or size though.


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