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carrots harmful when bad? how to tell?

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    this looks rather out of place in this section since most are about some sex/attraction problem- but this is titled health..

    I bought some carrots very cheap-presumably because they were near their sell by date- theyd got black spots and felt slightly slimy- but when I peal them there completely ok- orange and crunchy

    the only sign that they might not be alright is that they have this pattern that looks-i can only describe it like the bark of a tree or like yogurt or milk when its off maybe- but other than that they look completely fine and the one i tasted was completely fine

    Im thinking if I steam them- since their vegetables- they wont be harmful to eat?- even if I eat quite a large amount (ie 800g or something)
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    If you've got rid of all the mouldy bits they should be fine.
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    personally I would have gone for the food section..
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    any idea how to move this to the food section?
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    Mods will.

    Lol OP, I wouldnt even touch them. :p:
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    I wouldn't eat them but I've got a phobia of mold. I suppose they can't do much damage if you don't eat the mold.
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    Just eat the bits that look healthy - if they look bright and orange and are quite firm, they are fine. It's when they're black and squidgy that you've got to watch out!
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    Potatoes, carrots and onions tend to have sell-by dates that are far shorter than their actual usable dates.

    Particularly potatoes; they're just fine even a month after the date by which they supposedly should have been consumed.
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    if you cut off the mouldy bits.. it should be fine. I used to do that with cheese... I'm still here


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Updated: September 2, 2008
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