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Royal Mail - Using 'Airsure' to deliver to the US

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    Has anyone ever used Airsure from the Royal Mail before? I did a couple of times sending stuff to Europe but on Monday I sent a package to the US. I got the tracking code, and later that night It said the package has been passed to the overseas postal delivery service. It's meant to take around 4 days. It's Wednesday evening and still no change in status. I'm worried my package will be lost or delivered late, has anyone experience of this and how long it takes to change status?
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    It doesn't change status after that I don't think. I used to be in charge of posting things for a company. Onceit's been handed to the overseas postal delivery service there is nothing else done. However using this is proof that it's been sent
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    But it says Airsure gives tracking once its out of the country, and once its been sent out to be delivered to the address in the foreign country.
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    "We track all Airsure® items until they leave the UK and then the item is handed over to the destination country's postal service as a priority item. In most circumstances you will also be able to get electronic confirmation of delivery via Track & Trace."
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    This is what it says on the Royal Mail website.

    "Your item, posted on 01/09/08 with reference LYXXXXXXXXXXX has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. "

    I checked the USPS website and it says:

    "Label/Receipt Number: LYXXX XXX XXX X
    Status: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

    We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece. "

    I called Royal Mail and they told me it was sent on the plane to JFK on Tuesday night. However, its now Thursday evening and it hasn't even been scanned in by Customs at the airport. I have called all three, several times, and they cant help me at all. I can only wait and pray. However, checking from other examples, it should have arrived on JFK the next day with USPS tracking it on their website.
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    i wondered what the problem was here in the end and did your package get poster, im having the same trouble atm?
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    (Original post by chittywitty;)
    i wondered what the problem was here in the end and did your package get poster, im having the same trouble atm?

    It got there on time. Neither RM or the US Postal system track the movement of the package once it's in the states. You're only notified when it arrives in the US and when it reaches it's destination


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Updated: October 25, 2010
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