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Mock The Week Soc!

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    Let's try make this into a soc guys! Discuss anything from best moment, fave jokes, fave comedian... you get the drift :yep:

    It's a soc now Scroll down to the bottom of this link

    Mock the Week is a British topical panel game, hosted by Dara Ó Briain. It is made by independent production company Angst Productions and made its debut on BBC Two on 5 June 2005. The programme returned for a sixth series on July 10, 2008. Episodes regularly attract 3.5 million viewers
    Hugh Dennis (All Series)
    Frankie Boyle (All Series)
    Rory Bremner (Series 1 - 2)
    Andy Parsons (Series 3 - present)
    Russell Howard (Series 4 - present)

    Any fans out there?

    Michael McIntyre Live & Laughing

    Some Clips

    Part of MTW Too Hot For TV DVD.

    If anyone wants to watch THFT2, it's all on youtube.

    Dara getting hit by the banana gif.

    It's too big for an avatar but for your sig would be awesome.
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    Frankie for World Prime Minister!
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    Russell Ftw.
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    (Original post by SarahhhD)
    Russell Ftw.
    His going to get sucked into a black hole next thursday, going to be a sad loss.
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    Russell is awesome...."Expelliarmus!"
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    Russell and the dinner witch :love:
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    ALL OF THEM :hump:
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    russel has got to be the best. i rate him highley when he went on about the tortices
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    I don't like Andy Parsons as much as I do the others :ninja: I like him, but whereas I laugh at most things the others say, I just sit there through his normally like "ok"
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    Andy Parsons isn't all that funny. The rest, though... :love:
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    Frankie for Primeminister of New Atlantis :yep:

    Russel :hump:
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    I love that show !
    Michael Mcintyre is my favourite comedian of all time !
    The rest are amazing too !
    Last nights was soo funny....the hole thing cracked me up !

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    Don't rate this programme at all. "Oh look, I can call a woman ugly on national TV, aren't I cool?" Frankie Boyle is a dick.
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    Dara o'bRIAN is leaving!! and returning to 'The Panel' which is a million times funnier and less try hard!
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    Not such a big fan of Hugh.The others seem so like clever and as if they actuall think of the jokes themselves on the spot,he just seems as if he has a script compared to the others.Plus he isn't funny anyway.
    I liked Rory Bremners dating videos, Nelson Mandela the mostest.
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    Russel and Frankie are both amazing!

    lol i agree with sick puppy, russel and the dinner witch, its the way he tells it :P
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    Yeaah I love Mock the week!!

    I saw Russell Howard do standup in cardiff - he was pretty good
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    Andy Parsons! Loved it when he brought this up ....

    Starts at 4.25
    Andy: "Ya what, innit, nim nim nim"
    Frankie: "What's nim nim nim?! Sounds like talking mice from Narnia"
    Andy: "All i can say is Your mum"
    Frankie: "In Scotland, it's smell your mum!"
    Andy: "Text your mum!"

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    (Original post by bansheeee*)
    Dara o'bRIAN is leaving!! and returning to 'The Panel' which is a million times funnier and less try hard!
    Dara's leaving?!


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Updated: September 26, 2015
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